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Allow the user to completly turn the status light off.

I wanted to place this camera looking out a window, but the status light blinks when it has a weak signal. I called tech support and I was told I cannot turn this off. The light reflects off of the window and constantly triggers motion detection. Moving my router closer is not an option. I guess I could cover the light, but I'd much rater have the option to turn the status light completly off. I think displaying the warning in the web interface and app would be a good alternative. Can this be done in a firmware update? The video quality is fine with the weak one bar signal even set at 1080P.




Customers using the camera as a baby monitor have no option to fully disable the Camera LED | Status Light in the app. This is less than ideal. It would be great to get an App/Firmware update that allowed the user to disable all status lights. 


THIS. When the internet freaks out in the middle of a nap or bedtime all this led does is wake my child. Maybe for some parents this isn't an issue but how hard would it be to at least make this an option? I would just about pay extra for a camera that has NO leds! Just make it an option to completly disable all leds under all circumstances please.


Dear Arlo Engineers,
Your Arlo baby camera is a wonderful product with the dumbest engineering fail in history. A purple status light blinks when WiFi is disrupted and YOU CANNOT DISABLE THIS. I’m not so upset that you have a status light available, just that you won’t let me turn it off no matter what. Follow my logic for just a moment...
Q: Why would I need a camera in a room I’m in and can physically see what happening? A: I wouldn’t. That’s why I bought a camera in the first place.
Q: Then why would you put a status light that goes off in a room I’m not in? A: Because you apparently hate parents or babies peacefully sleeping until a PURPLE FREAKING STATUS LIGHT FLASHES UNTIL THEY WAKE CRYING???
That’s the only explanation I can figure, you hate your customers. You must or you would give us the option to turn this off. Why? Why won’t you give this status light the ability to disable?? It’s just software. It’s not going to cost more. It would take an engineer an afternoon to code that in. I really like your product but I’m selling it because this has woken my child up multiple times over just the few months I’ve owned it. “How many times would it be acceptable for a baby monitor to be the reason a child is woken up?”, you might be tempted to ask. ZERO The answer is zero. FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS FIX THIS


After chatting to a live agent, we discovered that even if all LED options are turned off in the device settings, the Arlo Baby will still flash a blue light when it disconnects/reconnects. This may be OK for most security cameras, but it would be great if an option were added to turn this off for the Arlo Baby, as I'm sure it's mostly used to look at sleeping babies, and a flashing blue light near their face could easily wake them up at night or in a dark room, even if it's only one flash.