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Tasker add-on for Android Tasker

Is there any chance of getting a tasker pluging for Arlo.


Tasker:  Tasker is an automation utility for android that lets the user set up If CONTEXT is true Then do ACTION type automation.   Tasker is an application for Android which performs tasks (sets of actions) based oncontexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined profiles or in clickable or timer home screen widgets.



If you suplied a tasker plug in that would allow:


  1. Set Mode


  1. Catch Any Detection Event
  2. Catch Motion Event
  3. Catch Sound Event




This would allow use users to do VERY cool stuff like:

  • If Enter Home Area then Set Arlo Mode to At Home
  • If leaving Home Area then Set Arlo Mode to Armed
  • If recieve txt "Swinging By" then set Arlo Mode to Guest wait 1 hr then set arlo Mode to Armed
  • If connect to HomeWifi then set Arlo Mode to At Home
  • If disconnect from HomeWifi set Arlo Mode to Armed
  • If Arlo Motion detected turn on all lights
  • If Arlo Motion detected send txt to brother "Someone is at my house, can you swing by to check it out".

Since Tasker can also send auto TXT msgs, it can also trigger IfThenThanThat [] events which will allow for almost endless possibilities.


It would be great to have a plugin. At the moment I use Tasker to determine if me and the missus are both out of the house and if we are then arm my cameras.... however I have to use IFTTT just to arm and disarm the cameras..... help bring an Arlo plugin for tasker

... and now IFTTT is not working properly.... come on guys get a Tasker plugin!


Yes COME ON guys... tasker plugin please!

Any news about a Tasker plugin? Cheers

Yeah, would be nice to have


Yeah, wuld be nice to have


IFTTT doesn't work well with location services. Would like tasker to be in the mix


Please create the plugin