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Add more than one schedule.

Currently there is only one schedule.  It would be very helpful to be able to make more than one Schedule. 


I have asked about this before and many others have, its been years and still nothing.  We need to be able to have multiple schedules to setup.  Here's the scenario.  Modes don't do it.


I have a home I use in the winter months.  I have several cameras there.  Each thursday and Saturday I have someone coming to tend to the pool and yard.  I know the time windows they come.  My cameras alert me and start to record until I log in to disarm the system.  This is such old school way to do this.  A better way would be for me to setup a schedule that turns the cameras off during those time windows when GEOFENCING is in AWAY MODE.  But when we are there, we require a different schedule when in HOME mode, as we arm our cameras from 12:00 am until 6:00 am and then disarm them during the day when we are home as we don't need to be recording ourselves.  So Schedule1 for AWAY mode and Schedule 2 for home mode would make life a lot easier.  Now what I am having to do is alter the schedule so that both home and away use the same schedule.  When we arrive at our home, I'll have to change the schedule again to accomodate that we are there now. 


Can you not allow for 2 schedules?  How hard is that?  I know I am not the only one as I keep seeing this request.  Didn't know where else to post this as there is no place to post this for feature requests.


It would be extremely helpful to allow a minimum of two schedules.


Geofencing is problematic because you often want a separate schedule for home and a separate schedule for away.

The reason is that the notification preference overnight can be different than 9-5.


Alternatively if there can be only one schedule, it would be helpful to have geofencing mode.


An example of when this is useful is when I have a lawn service or contractors at the house.  If I am home and it is 9-5, then I am may be fine disarming the camera.  If I am home and it is say 7pm-8am, then I will want cameras armed with the ability to choose desired notifications based on whether it is during hours I sleep.