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Scrap the new update.

It's probably been said before, but we really need to go back to the way it was before the last big update.


Here are my thoughts on the new update, after trying to use it for a while.



1. The videos in the app are not easy to scan any more. I loved the fact that the thumbnail image was a couple of seconds in, so I could see at a glance if it was a person or a car triggering it. Now the thumbnail is way to small to see that.


*Please make the thumbnails bigger again, and re-enable rotation of that page!*




2. I see what youve tried to do by re-organising the rules and modes, but it has made it much clumsier to use. If I need to adjust the sensitivity of a camera or recording time (frequent tasks for new users, and new cameras), it is now 9 steps instead of 5. It used to be: 
Settings --> Rules --> Select Rule --> Adjust Slider --> Done. 
Now it is: 
Mode --> Base --> Select Mode to edit --> Select Rule to edit --> Select edit motion --> Adjust slider --> Back to edit rule --> Back to edit mode --> Back to base. 

Plus you cant see which rule youre moving the slider for any more, and some of us are forgetful, especially if were going through and editing multiple rules. 

*Please put both the sliders back on the rule page - they dont need to be buried on another page!*



3.  Please let us re-use rules! I just discovered this today after having to delete all my old modes and rules in exasperation because they don't work properly since the new update. Now I have to recreate all my rules not once but 5 times! And If I need to adjust one, I now have to adjust 5. I don't have a complex system, but now if I need to adjust the sensitivity of my porch camera, not only is it a real pita because of point 2 above, I have to go though that for ALL of my modes.



4. It seems to take much longer to pull the info from the base station to the app on opening. 



5.  In fact, it seems to take much longer to pull anything to the app, especially videos from the cloud.



6.  I believe battery life is worse after the update.



7. The recording lag seems worse.



8.  There is no longer a low battery alert email...?



9.  Rotating the iphone no longer rotates the videos. Instead I have to remember to hit a tiny icon with my human-sized fingers. And I can't swipe between videos any more...?



Bottom line for me - I bought it in December last year. I loved it. So easy to use. Had it working perfectly within a couple of days. Until this update. It messed up my settings, and made it incredibly tedious and frustrating to fix them. It also made it harder to use, and slower. 


My recoommendation - go back to how it was. I'm not saying that because I was used to it - I had not even had it a month! It just worked. Now it doesn't. I will be adjusting my reviews to reflect this, and returning the whole system very soon if these concerns aren't addressed.


I have taken this up with support several times, and all I get is "we are sorry for the inconvenience", "reinstall the app" or links to instruction pages. I know HOW to use the new app. It's just rubbish. And the problems are accross all my devices and computers.



I hope someone listens, I know I'm definitely not the only person feeling this frustrated.




JamesC - any comment? The speed of the app has improved, but it's still incredibly frustrating to use. Every taks takes more clicks and more time, and you have to repeat that because you can't duplicate rules any more. PUT THE UI BACK TO HOW IT WAS DEC 2015, PLEASE!

Community Manager



We appreciate your feedback concerning the UI changes that were implemented in December. We are always striving to improve the Arlo user experience. I will forward your posts to the product manager for review.


Thank you for your contribution,