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Add more than one schedule.

Currently there is only one schedule.  It would be very helpful to be able to make more than one Schedule. 


Currently the produce only allows one schedule.

A good upgrade would be the ability to have multiple schedules

This would provide the ability to create different schedules containing different time paramaters for each mode

Then you could choose a schedule, like vacation, etc. and not have to reconfigure a single schedule


I agree, setting up and saving multiple scedules would be a big plus, even with the stipulation that only one could be active at any time.  For example it would be nice to have up to three schedules saved, ie.  Work week, weekend, and vacation...


Under the old program (the slide method) you could set different schedules for different days. I do not like the new program, other than the format that allows you to select the start and stop time rather than adding blocks of time.Also, I cannot choose an earlier start time than the current time. Please write new code or go back to the old system. Thanks



Hi - Just purchased and LOVE the functionality - Read all the comments on Scheduling- I desparately need the ability to SAVE and implement different schedules - Please let me know if this is planned for the future anytime soon




I agree! I can't believe there's not an option for multiple schedules- it seems like that would be such an easy thing to set up too. 


When setting up geofencing I currently use Armed for away and Schedule for when at home.


It would be great to have two schedules so that when away I could choose a different schedule that is a custom schedule suitable for when I'm away.




Community Manager



The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Thank you,



Right now the schedule mode is pretty binary - it's either armed or disarmed.  I want flexibility in the schedules, and the ability to combine them with other mode(s), especially geofencing.


For example I create a schedule mode that has rules stating :

   * 5pm-11p - arm driveway and front-door cameras, disable all interior cameras

   * 11pm-7am - arm driveway, front-door, interior downstair cameras, disable interior upstairs cameras

   * 7am-5pm - arm all cameras

   * geofencing enabled - if all phones leave house, arm all cameras regardless of time


A scheduled vacation mode, when we're away from house for 7 days

   * All cameras armed

   * everyday : 8am-10am : specific rules for pet sitter to feed cats every day

       - If driveway camera sees motion, start recording driveway and front-door (watch her drive up, go to front door)

       - If front-door sees motion, start recording front-door and kitchen (watch her enter and head to kitchen)

       - If kitchen sees motion, start recording kitchen (watch her feed cats)

   * Sat : 11am-12pm : specific rules for lawn mowing

       - Disable front yard camera (no need to watch them mowing front yard)

       - Disable back yard camera (same)



Fully agree with your comments and hope Arlo will allow this to be done. But i have heard with the New Pro coming out Arlo will no longer do updates


Hello halfwalker,


When I was originally setting up our system, I thought that you could only have the cameras armed or disarmed. Turns out, that's not the case! It's not very intuitive that it is possible at first, but I'll explain how I'd do it. Note: My testing was done with the basic Arlo wireless cameras.


What you will want to do is create your own unique Modes for each different setting arrangement you want over the course of the day (only considering the normal daily schedule, not vacationing). So, in your case, you'll want a Mode for each of the following:

-Exterior cameras on, interior cameras off

-Exterior cameras on, downstairs cameras on, upstairs cameras off

-All cameras armed


Then, go into the schedule Mode and click on one of the days. In the window that pops up, you should see "Armed" show up. Click on the arrow to the right of that and you should get a dropdown that includes each of the other Mode settings that you just created. Select the first mode, and set the time slots (e.g. Exterior cameras on, exterior cameras off, M-F, 5pm-11pm). Repeat for the other modes and times. Watch out for times slots that go through midnight, since it may not let you create those as one block. You might need to make a 11pm to 12am block and a 12am to 7am block.


Unfortunately, it looks like there may not be a way to incorporate the geofencing feature as well, but I haven't done any testing with that.


I hope this all helps!