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Add more than one schedule.

Currently there is only one schedule.  It would be very helpful to be able to make more than one Schedule. 


Couldn't upvote this feature request for Arlo Pro enough. The current scheduling function is pretty useless. You cannot have a situation where you have multiple modes overlapping the same time range. You can also not have multiple trigger devices within a given mode. For example, what if I want my driveway or entrance cam to be part of the same mode (triggering devices) on a given time slot. ... Not possible.




Please look into allowing more control of individual cameras when creating a schedule. WE ALL NEED THIS!

Yes! Nighttime mode versus Away would be very helpful!

 +1 to this, it would be great to have an "At home" schedule and a "Vacation" schedule, similar to how my home alarm system has "Home" and "Away", where Home activates the permiter, and Away activates the inside motion sensors.


I have a few camera's pointed at busy areas, so I don't want them snapping videos every time a car drives by, that will totally kill my battery during the day, but at night I want it armed. When I'm home it's no big deal because there is enough activity at my home all of my cameras are off during the day, but at night I have them all on. I'd like a vacation schedule where I can, after set up, single tap to vacation mode where the cameras that shouldn't see any activity without my family being home are armed and alerting me, but the street one just captures video at night.


Thanks, this would be a huge improvement for me, and pretty simple to do with a +add mode, and then just allow secondary schedules.


It is great to have Arlo Pro camera, used for 2 month, give some suggestion.  In the MODE setup, we have option to save different mode into schedule, however we can only save one schedule. if the schedule temporary change, we have to overwrite the original one. It would be nice to be able to save a schedule for easy recall later or we can save multi "schedule and choose which one is current one.  


another suggestion, it is nice to have, but maybe more complicate, if above "save multi schedule" can be done, it is not necessary. Just like regular calendar, the schedule can choose different way of recurrence, such as daily/weekly/monthly/yearly etc.  Anyway, I think as current "weekly" is good for most of user. but really need to be able to save rather than overwrite everytime.


Thanks for developing consideration. 


Agree.  Ability to add new schedules would be very convenient.


All software on the Web Page, nothing to modify on the system.  Easily done.

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In trying to utilize Geofencing for the setting of different modes, it would be great to use for example "Schedule 1" while home, and "Schedule 2" while away.


This would allow the system to be much "smarter" in terms of how it is arming/disarming.  For example, generally we are home on the weekends; I would like Arlo to arm certain cameras overnight even when we are home.  But, if we are away, then all cameras would be active during the day as well.


Unfortunately, with just 1 schedule mode, I can't have geofencing be the "logical" that I'd like it to be, and provide true customization.  Seems to me this would be an easy enhancement.  Just allow a "Schedule 1" and a "Schedule 2".  Obviously the single schedule already incorporates the ability to utilize different user-defined "modes" by depending on time of day.  So having a 2nd schedule would seem to resolve much of my disappointment and problem with the "smart" customization ability - and eliminate the need to constantly be managing camera modes in pursuit of not capturing a bunch of routine activity around the house.  Thanks!!


Hi all,


It would be nice if one could be able to create custom "Schedule" modes.

Some "complex" scenarios can be addressed only by combining "Geofencing" mode with 2 Schedule modes.

See the case I explained here:


You already have "Schedule" mode so it should be just a matter of letting the user select the "type" of mode during mode creation. Only "regular" modes can be created nowadays.


Please consider this for next releases! (web & mobile)




I like the idea of being able to have multiple schedules as well. Hopefully this is implemented in the very near future considering it has been a topic for a couple of years.