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face recognition on family and pets

Face recognition interface by Arlo. Instead record family member all the time, it should only record on new visitors not frequence families members. 


I'm requesting a priority R&D ticket be opened and fast tracked for human recognition identification and false alert declines.

I own 4 arlo pro 2 wifi (outdoor cameras) and 3 arlo Q indoor cameras.

It's frustrating getting tons of false alerts per day and I may need to switch systems.  I have all of my cameras set on the absolute lowest motion detection setting but they keep going off anytime there is a slight change in sun light level, minor wind blowing shrubs, or even the smallest of animals like a song bird or squirrel.

It's been absolutely ridiculous since I got the system last fall. It's constantly going off.  There needs to be a human recognition software update. As someone in IT, these algorithyms are available at competitors and probably losing market share.  

I have a dog which runs around the backyard all day when I’m at work,would it be possible for smart animal detection to recognize my dog similar to a face recognition and not record her but record everything else avoiding heaps of videos ?

I have tried moving my cameras upwards by 3feet but now can’t see the areas I wish to capture also adjusted the activity zones but are now vulnerable in areas where cameras won’t detect.




Maybe have an option to not record animal detection or others that you don’t wish to record?


Do it like wyze cam, put the person detection algorithm on camera firmware. This will decrease the notification delay.


I want to have my cameras on all the time to record stuff thats "out of the ordinary" unfortunately arlo doesnt recognize whats normal, have an option to recognize specific people, so I have CONSTANT notifications when we're out working in the yard etc.


If I can't dial back the number of notifications I'll probably just fall back to constant recording (with different camera system) that I can always rewind back to see something out of the ordinary.

Such a basic fundamental feature in home security that is missing!!! Hope Arlo is listening.

I have seen this discussed in the community already but I just have to ask myself. Hello! I am a massive Arlo fan, I currently own 4 Arlo Ultras, and 2 Arlo Pro 3 wireless cameras along with a plethora of other accessories. I'm someone who works in the technology industry and so I get to talk to a lot of people all the time about Arlo products. Being someone who owns them, I rave about them. The only questionable feature that stops my colleagues and customers from purchasing an Arlo setup is the lack of Facial Recognition software. I tell a lot of people how I wish I could register my dog and my family members faces so that instead of getting bombarded with 30 notifications in 10 seconds when my significant other walks our dog around our house, my system would instead send me a notification saying: Your dog, Finn has been detected outside and Dallas is by the back door camera, or some options of that nature. I know and understand the complexities of facial recognition and how advanced that type of ingenuity is but direct competition camera systems have that as an option and it has made me want to switch my entire system over because I want to continue to get notified if someone I don't know is lurking around my home but I don't want to know everyone 5 seconds when my dog or family has walked by one of the cameras. An idea I had for Arlo as a company is to use your partnership with Google as a way to possibly get facial recognition installed sooner in a software update for at least the ultra and pro 3 cameras that already have the people, vehicles, animals, package detection features.

This is crazy that they don't provide this service. Nest cameras do, but I got rid of them because they wouldn't integrate with smartthings. Now I have to return my 5 ultras!


I had to restart all my cameras from scratch today but while i was doing that, on the website main setting section i saw something called familiar faces or something like that. I clicked it and it said it would have pictures of people and you could pretty much assign them names. The camera would learn to know the faces and you could delete the faces of people you do not know, but sadly after i have finished hooking every thing up that tab is now gone. Not sure if that was leaked by accident or what. That just may be something coming up in a new update we can only hope.