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Affordable Expansion (i.e. Bundled Add-On Cameras)

I love Arlo Pro and want to expand my new setup to (10) cameras but...


     there's not a resonably priced option for adding on cameras.  


In fact, when considering cost per camera, it's cheaper just buy another (4) Camera System and throw away the base station.




  Arlo Pro Add-On Cameras (VMC4030) retail for $189.99 per Camera.


  Arlo Pro System (VMS4430) with (4) Cameras and a Base Station retails for $649.99, or $162.50 per Camera.





Offer an option to buy (4) Camera Expansion Bundle for $280, or $70 per Camera.




  The price difference between the Arlo Pro System (VMS4330) with (3) plus a Base Station, and Arlo Pro System (VMS4430) with (4) Cameras plus a Base Station is $70.  In other words, it only cost $70 to add another camera when you buy in larger quantities.


Arlo Pro System (VMS4330) with (3) Cameras and a Base Station: Retail $579.99 

Arlo Pro System (VMS4430) with (4) Cameras and a Base Station: Retail $649.99






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Agreed, they are expensive but will remain so as long as people buy them at that price.


Alternatively, you can sell the second Pro base station on ebay for $100 - there are plenty of people with original Arlo systems that will buy it in order to have local storage. Netgear has said they will sell the Pro base station by itself so earlier customers can 'upgrade' their base but they aren't offering it yet so you have a window until they do.


That your 4 extra cameras about $135 each. That's probably about as cheap as they will come considering they include the rechargeable batteries.  Remember the old Arlo add on cameras still sell for around $125 to $135 and they don't include rechargeable batteries, plus they take video of the back of the intruder as they leave due to the long lag.


Also remember... if you buy the second whole 4 camera system you can set up that base on a second free account to handle those cameras instead of needing to get a 'plan'. 


Thank you for the reply and for the valid solution!


I think I'm going to give it a try.  

I bought a 4 pack Arlo-pro, the most cameras I could buy in a system.  Not a small investment.  So, the economics of adding camera is really bad for two reasons.


First is that the cameras are $190 each.  But if you buy an Arlo three camera system, it is cheaper than buying three cameras to add on...




Second, if you had 7 cameras to one system, you need to upgrade to Premium Support for $9 a month.  


So, by adding three cameras to my system it costs me more upfront and it costs me more over time.


I can use my current 4 camera set up, buy a 3 camera set up and set it up under another email account:

-Save money

-Actually be able to record on all 7 cameras at one time.


You really need to fix your economics with a multipack of Arlo-Pro cameras.  $190/1; $300/2; $450/3


Share a thought for us here in Australia - a single Arlo Pro Add-on camera retails for $319AU or $US 245! We not only pay the conversion but an additional premium because all US based companies including Apple get away with it. We pay 20% more for stuff you pay little for.

Just a question - not sure if it's been raised before?

Is an Arlo Pro Add-on camera compatible with a standard Arlo hub? I can't see why not, same WiFi and settings, all that is different is a better camera with a rechargeable battery and an SD Card plus upgraded sensors. The only thing that may be different is setting up the audio if it comes with the speaker?



Hi Davej56,


 What a bummer.  I feel your pain.  Anytime we use resources from England or Europe, we have to pay a premium do to the exchange rate.


I know you can use the standard Arlo cameras with the Arlo Pro Base.  Let us know what you find.



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Yes, Arlo Pro cameras can be connected to the original Arlo Wire-free base station. As a clarification, Arlo Pro does not have an SD card option. The local storage feature is on the Arlo Pro Base Station.




OK Thanks guys,
Thanks JamesC - Yes I realise now the SD card option is on the base station. More research!

Is it a good idea to mix in a Pro camera, what advanatges would I gain? I gather the audio would be unusable unless the software recognised it and the option appeared in the app? I'm after the Pro specifically for the better sensor.

Dave (Downunder)

Community Manager



If you add an Arlo Pro camera to the original Arlo Wire-Free base station, you can utilize all of the Arlo Pro camera features. You can have any combination of original Arlo Wire-free cameras or Arlo Pro cameras synced to either base station.