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face recognition on family and pets

Face recognition interface by Arlo. Instead record family member all the time, it should only record on new visitors not frequence families members. 

I'd like to see face recognition to reduce false-positive alerts.  Advanced facial recognition that could identify actual users and only alert if an unknown person was detected would be even nicer.  Coupled with a motorized pan and tilt mount, automated tracking would be really cool.


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Great suggestions!  Thank you for the feedback!


Let me know if this is ready. I'll wait until then 🙂


Nest Cam is coming out with face detection.  When will Arlo Q have it?  I'm returning my Arlo wireles, and getting the Nest Cam Outdoor when it is available this fall.  

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Take a look at the Arlo Smart Feature coming later in 2017: What is Arlo Smart and how do I benefit from it?


Will Arlo Smart be able to detect a type of animal, such as a bear, and trigger the Arlo Pro siren?

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Arlo Smart categorizes alerts into four categories: People, Animals, Vehicles and Others. This allows you to, for example, configure the system to filter out cars and animals and receive alerts only when your camera detects a person. Arlo Smart also reduces unwanted alerts by filtering out minor movements within the video capture area, such as swaying branches and rustling leaves.


For more information on Arlo Smart, see here: What is Arlo Smart and how do I benefit from it?



A tad expensive. This should be part of the package
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Throughout the day there are regular what I call neutral alerts such as family members leaving and going - I hear nest are looking into AI type recognition where rather that just alert it either ignores as it's recognised or alerts you saying who as in family member.