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Wireless Channel config manual override

Here's the deal;



This is my WiFi *indoors*, if I go outside it's even more and stronger signals. It amazes me that this Arlo system even uses WiFi when it offers is no manual control whatsoever, which I obviously expected it to offer, because, well, it's from NETGEAR!? All your equipment offers the user settings and full config and control, yet when it counts (to protect and secure our home reliably) it just doesn't?? WTF is that about? Please netgear, explain this to me. I demand the option to set the channel the base-station uses.

To be honest I didn't even expect it to use 2.4 GHz WiFi. Why did you pick that? Since it's proprietary anyway, why not use some unused frequencies? WHY WHY WHY?


Seriously, I'm going to publish this fact everywhere I can, because if knew beforehand, I would never have paid so much for such a useless wifi distortion unit. I would *not* have bought it.


Second thing is the fact it's reliability fully relies on your internet being up (and wireless signals not being distorted purposely). I can just pull the phone-cable outdoor so the DSL is lost, I can even check the wireless band from my car for the netgear ssid (which is always the same) and then switch on a scrambler and rip the house blind.


This has got to be the most insecure system ever, there's no local backup option of the footage, no memory, nothing (I've tested it). Frankly, not at all what I expected from a big name like netgear. Your routers are OK, but this arlo hands-off cloud-only stuff blows. And then no Advanced config in the base-station? For crying out loud you guys, get that fixed channel setting in the firmware or I'll send my expensive arlo crap right back to the seller.



I get it that you might experience less problems if you follow the channel of a close router and it sounds like a great default behaviour. But for the sake of God, let it be possible to override it (by all means, smack a big warning sign by the checkbox to discourage it being overridden).


I've invested probably in the neighbourhood of $2500 into arlo equipment and recommended the system to friends and collegues, but this is one of those things that will stop me from investing more or recommend it from now on.

The seeming reluctance from the arlo team to adress this spills over onto Netgear as a company as well. I've been quite a fanboy previously (with everything from switches to the nighthawk series) - but if they don't listen to their consumers, I'll take my money elsewhere.


Please Arlo, make it where I can manually select the wifi channel.  Please.  I've tried it all.  Changing wifi channels on routers, extenders, using long cables.  Here's the bottom line.  If my parent's base station comes up on the same channel as their router or wifi extender, then cameras all end up offline after a few hours.  If I manage to get their base station to come up on 1, 6, or 11 and then change the router and extender to a combination of 1, 6, or 11 that isn't being used by the base station everything works great.  That has worked for over a year now.  But it seems behavior of the base station has changed recently.  It used to stay on whatever channel it came up on after a reboot until the next reboot.  But now it seems to change channels without a reboot.  This means the cameras start going down at random.  Go through the process of getting the devices on separate channels, then a few hours later, all down again.  So frustrating.


In my eyes a feature for mimum valuable product! in nearly EVERY "even consumer like" product you can set wifi channel manually. if i WANT to have arlo at channel 11 where as my router sits on 1, I should be allowed to. Interference doesnt happen at this frequency distance. And have you thought about routers which autmatically trying to find less crowded channels? This hopping around was funny.... for the first month... PLEASE CHANGE!!!!


I would like to change my hub wifi channel. Is This Possible? I have so many other devices using the channel Arlo or Netgear is using.