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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Another vote for a Windows Phone app.  Either Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile.


If anyone else is into older smartphones, my old Palm Pre/Pre 2/Pre 3 support flash.  I used to use my Pre 3 with the Logitech desktop website with their cameras.


Please, please, please....can we have a Windows 10 and Windows Phone App???


bump, make this happen!

Surely a Windows 10 UWP app makes sense for Arlo!?! One UWP app would give them access to millions and millions of Windows 10 mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and Xbox One users!!!!!!
Please develop for Windows 10 mobile. I too would like to be able to use the app on the road, but the flash issue make this feature worthless to me. I have no reason to invest more into this system if it doesn't support my hardware.
Windows phone app yet? Net it or taking system back

I bought the D LInk that moves and has speakers and mic last year when they had no app for Windows. Last night I bought the Ring doorbell and two stick up cameras for outdoors and the solar panels to keep the two stick ups charged. THe package with the two stickups and the ringdoorbell as well as the chime for indoors is only $399.99 on sale now at best buy. They are on backorder from Christmas rushes. The solar panels are 50 bucks each extra if you do not want to take them down and plug in a standard micro USB chagrging cable same as for any device today - 5 volt USB. I am mounting mine much too high to be grabbed and taken down so worth the ectra for the solar panels. The doorbell I can charge when needed as I won't need a ladder. D-Link and Ring have Windows apps folks.


Please be grateful for an application for windows 10 mobile.


While I would be very grateful for a Windows 10 app, it's clear from the number of kudos and the sheer time range of these comments that Windows 10 device (desktop, tablet or phone) owners will die waiting for response from Netgear. Since the beginning of these requests they have added apps for apple tv, apple watch, are asking about Mac widgets, have added amazon app, etc etc. 


Return your Arlo purchases to the retailer or contact Netgear directly. You are always entitled to a full refund for a product that is not fit for the advertised functionality. The marketing material makes it sound like any browser interface is sufficient to administer these products or you can choose to download one of apps.  But in reality, after you purchase, you find the browser interface is limited and you only get crippled functionality if your home and small business use Windows 10 desktop, tablet or phone devices and you want to use them to administer and access these products. No geofencing set up on Windows, no Push Notifications to Windows devices of any kind. Not to mention the other non-app basic hardware issues where the suggestion to the still present motion activation time lag is to have the camera set to catch someone walking across the view - Hello???? people want to be able to get a clear view of an intruder's face, not the back of their head or the side of their hoodie. 


Return your Arlo - it's the most powerful way to let Arlo know that they while they sort out the hardware improvements they also really do need to make sure there is a Windows app or that the web browser interface needs to be equal functionality to the apps.  


The Home Remote app, which is a fantastic Windows 10 smart home app is hoping to integrate Arlo, which would make Arlo available on Windows 10!


Please "Like" on Twitter to show your support and encourage the integration of Arlo and The Home Remote!

Any way of using Arlo on Window 10 (including Xbox One) can only be a good thing!!!!