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Security mount with lock

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Discussion Thread
First let me say that I really love this product. We purchased these to help protect my mother in law and to keep an eye on her while she is working on keeping her abusive ex boyfriend away. He has a restraining order, but he sent his sister in laws over and arlo caught them and let us know. We were able to call them and tell them that if they didnt leave we would call the police. It was a huge help, because they now know they cant take advantage of my mother in law anymore.

My only worry / suggestion is I wish there was a way to secure the camera outside. Maybe having a laptop style hole that I could put a lock on, or selling a mount that I could screw in to the camera that could be mounted with secure screws that cant be backed out.

I only say this because I had one of the cameras pointing out a window and the motion sensor did not go off. I had the sensitivity set to 100% and nothing happened. I placed the camera in the screen room (pointing towards the door and it seem the motion sensor did not pick up on the person on the other side of the screen...

Finally, I place it outside above the door. I know Ill catch who ever comes near the camera because it will turn on now, but if they take it, Ill be down a camera and all Ill have is video prove that they took it...

It would be nice to have a secure mount that locks. Just something that adds to the security of the mount. Right now I have it on the magnetic mount.

Have screw in loops for the bottom of the camera where you can screw mounts on. At the moment we have the cameras on the magnet mounts but use Tie straps and the plastic pegs to secure the cameras incase they get knocked of the mounts.
Try my idea.
The screw mount seems to be Rack bolt compatible. File or cut the head off. Drill a hole through the bit sticking out. Steel cable through it to swaiges with loops and pad lock it to whatever.

This is also one of my fears.  That a thief, or just anyone can take, move or vandalize my camera.  I would like a secure, tamper resistant mount that can't just be unscrewed and taken.  Thanks

Please make a locking mount for outdoor cameras that are easily accessible. Something that requires a special tool to remove from the mount. The cameras at my front and back doors are easily removed (no ladder required) making them easy pickings for thieves.
I'm surprised that netgear (or anyone else) doesn't seem to make a secondary cable that can be attached along side the magnetic dome mount on the wall. It would have a tamper-proof 1/4-20 screw (like torx) to attach to the camera and a steel cable to keep people from just walking away with external cameras. It wouldn't be entirely theft-proof but it would be a big deterrent.
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Don't know that I have found any info on this yet but it would be great if someone came up with a locking bracket for the Arlo Pro. I have a camera mounted at my door so it is only about 7' high as it is under a porch. Well I guess a delivery man didn't like being recorded because he turned the camera. I happened to have been home but with the lag in recording and notification I was barely out of the house to get to him before he left to tell him he was screwing with personal property and had no right - this made me think what now when I go away as the camera is sitting there and really needs to be locked down so it is not stolen. Please come up with a bracket that needs either a special wrench to release the camera or some form of enclosure for outdoors to secure these expensive cameras.


I second this request!!  Takes about 10 seconds to steal a $200 camera, way too easy.


+1 on this request.


Since I first bought my system, you've figured out 4 more cameras to release and a light? Why can't you figure out a real locking device, not just one that screws in vs. the magnetized one? My bikerack locks to the rail of my car. They figured that out. It's small and super clever but really not that earth-shattering. We're spending a small fortune on your products, and it would be reassuring to know we didn't have to come up with these clever cable and cage solutions ourselves. You could even offer one-way screws (or bolts or hex or your own screw head then you can sell a bit) and camera/mount all-in-ones.