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Windows 10 Phone App

Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.

Wow. I never realized windoze still made phones. 


I purchased Arlo cameras and the Android app is not that bad--other than I've yet to figure out a way to assign a different sound, other than the standardized sound. I'm not so sure if it is an issue with the app or Android, but hearing the alert sound that is also the same as other apps, including the Windows 10 launcher for Android, can be really a huge hassle as I never know which app is generating the notice. My security needs for my Samsung Edge make accessing the phone (Other than a phone call) not that easy or practical to find the source or app using the same sounds. Nonetheless, I spend more time on a PC than on my phone. Hence, it seems almost incredible that a company like Netgear would not see the value of providing a Win 10 app, or consider as satisfactory the ability to access the cameras through their Website (As long as one uses Chrome) given that there are security issues with Flash or it would still be optional using any browser. Just like with Java, most everyone has produced apps for Win 10 that don't rely on Java because of security risks. It's no different than Flash, even though Adobe's last version of their CS desktop software, v6.0, requires Apple's Quick time player to be fully functional. And considering that Apple has made more than clear that they no longer will provide Win updates, and whoever chooses to use their last Win version (That is still available for download on their Website); they are doing it at their own risk. Leave to Apple to stand up pretending to be on top of the world, where in fact they operate a sewer levels. And sooner or later, it will catch up with them. Nonetheless, for Netgear--a supposedly a first-class organization--now is following Apple's way of doing things and sooner or later, much like it has proven to be case, by not providing a Win 10 app, it will end up haunting them down the road when customers will inevitably shy away from them because they will not trust them to provide the best software for their top of the line products. And by then, even if they were to appear more responsive than they do now, they will not trust them enough to bet their money on their products even if they were to commit to providing a Win 10 app for PC's in the following 30 days. It's mind boggling to me that even now, they haven't made a commitment in spite of the number of customers or would be customers, that are dropping off like flies and choosing a competing product. Someone at Netgear has fallen asleep at the switch or the powers that be are simply incompetent at best. In addition, they haven't been able to bamboozle people like Apple has. I wish them well.



Please,  Don't use Flash on your website so that so we can have your web app on Windows 10 Mobile. Thank you


There is no Arlo app on Windows 10 Mobile, but there are couple of options: . 1. Pin a tile on start screen for Whenever you visit that page, make sure to change the website preference to "Desktop version" and reload. 2. Download "Home Remote" app. You can't change modes with this app but you can look at the library. It is very fast and works really well. Best part is, you can go back up to several weeks and look at the recordings. You can control several other home automation devices too.

I recently had to purchase a new home PC and it is running Windows 10.  All programs are now "apps".  why can't we get an "Arlo App" that will run in the background and give you the notifications like the other programs?  I can get my Facebook and Instagram notifications.....  Lets get the Arlo notifications as well!