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Window Clings rather than stickers!!!

Hello. The stickers you made were pretty dang ugly. So, I created some 3x3 window clings. Let me know if you'd like the file. Your camera's can be moved... so should your stickers! You can check out the file bellow.

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Good morning Mikulsky,


Thank you for your feedback and the awesome example of the window clings! I'm going to move this post to the Idea Exchange board where it will get the visibility from our Product Development team that it deserves. I'll send you a personal message and provide information on where to send the file.


Thanks again for your contribution!



Arlo Team

Have another idea regarding the stickers you supply for warning about 'being watched'. Please supply or recommend some stickers that can be fixed inside a window looking out. Many thanks.

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Thank you for the feedback. I think a "window cling" style warning label is a great idea!


Christine how would I obtain some more window stickers/clings as when I tried to move it from my door to window half the warning sign was left on door glass..... can you help please..
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We will reach out to you in a private message concerning this issue.


Thank you!


Awesome graphic! I have thought about doing the same as only one sticker is not enough. Is there a way to buy more stickers?
I just got an arlo and stuck the decals on my Windows. I couldn't tell if they were stickers or clings, then I tried to peel one off to readjust it but it appears to rip and leave residue. Therefore I vote for clings instead of stickers
I totally agree. Window clings and a larger weatherproof sticker for outside would be great. I'd like to warn people entering my property that they're on camera.

I like your design a lot! Do you have a vector version of it available? if not do you have it in a PNG? I'd like to get a version without JPEG artifacts to print




Just wanted to say Thx for your work on this. I have a color lazerjet and cut & paste will work just fine!


I reduced the print size to 40% and got the size I needed.