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Unlimited live streaming...

I understand that the Arlo Pro 2 cameras can do unlimited recording with cloud storage if you pay extra for the plan.  My question is, if I want to live stream continuously to an iPad, it times out after about 30min.  I would like to continue to use the multiple Arlo Pro 2 kit for my house so I can have a unit outside observing the driveway and swingset to watch my kids, but at the same time also have one inside monitoring our baby.  I understand it isn't the "baby monitor", but as I just described, it can be used for other means both inside and outside, such as in the basement to monitor the kids playing, etc.  It makes the most sense to allow for me to monitor all of these things simultaneously since if the baby is napping, it's useful to be inside with the baby but to still be able to monitor the older kids playing outside.  


I understand the issue with the Arlo Pro 2 if it is on battery power to have it turn off after a set period of time, however, this unit can also be wired.  Perhaps there could be an option to "disable the 30 min timeout" default setting, or the unit could just notice that it is plugged in and automatically turn off the "time out" default.  This seems like an incredibly easy fix to just "allow continuous live streaming when plugged in" or something to that effect.  Myself and other family members that I have recommended this to may have to move on to another product if this simple option isn't available.  


I just bought the Arlo Pro 2 with 4 cameras -- one of the KEY features I wanted was live streaming/viewing.  I don't mind if it is on one camera only.  But I require that. If I cannot get this I will return the product and buy something else. Even the amazon cameras had that live streaming.


Also, if I buy the CVR, can I actually LIVE monitor or I can only watch what was recorded in the past, but no live live?



jc2020, if you pay the monthly fee for the CVR subscription for a given camera, then you can live stream as much as you want with that camera.
Some things to note:
- The app crashes once every day or two. Sometimes the app just shuts down. Sometimes it goes back to the login screen. And sometimes it just locks up - the way to notice this is that the "LIVE" indicator in the upper left of the screen disappears (assuming fullscreen view of one camera). In this case you need to forcefully terminate the app and start it again.
- Sometimes live view on a camera will cease to function (probably other functions of the camera as well). Strangely this can sometimes be fixed by turning any of your cameras off and back on (take battery out then put it back in). Other times you must turn the failing camera off and back on. If this happens when you are travelling then you are out of luck. You can't fix this remotely.
- Every 30 minutes the live stream is interrupted, but the app will reconnect and resume streaming after about 2-3 seconds.
- In the beginning there seems to be a delay (latency) of 2 seconds. So what you see happened 2 seconds ago. But after a day or two of constant live streaming the delay appears to have increased to 20 seconds. That's not really live anymore. If the camera is indoors, try switching the light in the room on and off while watching the live stream to measure the delay.
- Sometimes the colors get weird and the image gets very pixelated. You can fix that by restarting the app, or just leave it and it will go away by itself.
- You cannot live stream AND record. Only one or the other. If you are always live streaming then nothing will get recorded. You will need to have two cameras in the same location, one for live viewing and one for recording. More on this here:
The above was experienced with the ios (Apple) mobile app. Things may be different with the android app or if streaming with a PC (using the "My Arlo" website).

30 minute streaming limit renders these cameras useless. On top of all the other issues with these cameras Arlo product is redundant.


We originally purchased a 5-camera Arlo Pro system in 2017 to see if it would work for us.  We were very happy with the performance and convenience of the product and are now using 15 Pro and Pro 2 cameras as well as 8 Arlo solar chargers.  One feature that was very important to us was being able to continuously view a live feed of a camera overnight.  The camera used was plugged into a power source and the tablet/computer used to view the feed was plugged in as well.  We used this camera feed in a dog kennel to monitor the kennel overnight.  If a dog woke up and needed attention, the live feed would wake us when the dog made noise.  This was by far the best feature of the Arlo Pro cameras system for us.  Recently Arlo removed this feature and replaced it with an auto 30-minute time out for live video feeds.  We no longer have the ability to monitor our dog kennel overnight.  This was an extremely valuable feature for us and now it is gone.  PLEASE find a way to bring continuous live feed viewing back!  We are very frustrated and unhappy that this valuable feature has been taken away with no alternative to replace it for our application.  Continuous video recording is of no value to us.  We need the continuous live video feed.  Any help/comments/suggestions appreciated.



I´m a potential customer that would love to purchase a complete Arlo system. One of the key features for us is the ability to live-stream (preferably as a video-wall) for more than 30 minutes. We will most likely have all 5 cameras attached to the power source. Would it be a simple option for customers to enable/disable live streaming for more than 30 minutes- should the camera be connected to a power source? 


For us, this would mean we can switch from our old system- to Arlo- something we very much would like. I´ll even pay extra for the option 😉 

All the best,


Support says arlo times out after 30 minutes to save the battery.  I have solar panels.  The batteries never drain.  You sell solar panels for your cameras, so claiming that "it is by design" does not consider customers with solar panels.


Make live 24/7 an option so the customer can decide.  Saying it is to save the batteries is not a credible argument, give that you sell solar panels to keep them charged.


I suspect the real reason is that Arlo does not want to invest in the the server capacity needed to support live 24/7.  So, they offer an excuse that is not credible, given the availability of solar panels--which Arlo sells precisely for the purpose of keeping batteries charged that are not ac-connected.


A solar panel will not keep the battery charged if the camera is recording 24/7... simple fact.

solar panel puts out about a max of 300ma in full sun and mostly lower other than a couple hours before and after high noon if aimed correctly.

The camera draws just about 250 ma when recording...

Also if below 32F it will not charge due to preventing battery damage.


That's why there are ac powered cameras like the Q series and Essential Indoor camera and ac adapters for others.


Then why is live 24/7 not available for ac-powered cameras? 


Also, there are millions of people who live in areas that never fall below 32 F.  I'm one of them.  The lowest it ever gets where I live is high 40s.


We activated our Arlo Baby March 2019 and utilised lived video streaming from the early evening (7pm) to the following morning (7am) when we manually stopped the live stream. Recently (late April 2021) I made some changes to my home network infrastructure and I suspect this resolved an issue with the Baby Arlo was not implementing firmware updates. After two years we can now no longer live stream beyond 30 minutes. This is not a hardware limitation or a security feature. It's Arlo crippling the capability of the product forcing customers to purchase an ongoing subscription.


We are monitoring our thirteen year old daughter Mackenzie with cerebral palsy, she cannot call out to us and trigger an Arlo notification, she does not have the dexterity to adjust the bed coverings to warm herself again or manoeuvre herself when she is falling out of bed. We wake periodically to sight she is OK from the live video stream.


If anyone knows how to downgrade the Arlo Baby firmware before this 30 minute limitation was implemented or knows another work-round, please let me know. I will start researching a different product for continuous live streaming.