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Time Format

Why not use international timing format (24hrs) instead of the US Format (am/pm) only.


Agree, i live in Sweden and the timeformat in Library and mail is in AM/PM. Please make a option to change timeformat to 24 hours time.


Why even use that silly AM PM stuff? Who even understands that nonsense?

12 AM and 12 PM, so when do you actually switch from AM to PM, at 11:59 ? What a ridiculous invention that was.


I prefer the Library on the website to show me military time, PLEASE. At least make that optional.


Oh wait, this is for arlo, not arlo Q.


Anyway, should also be like that for Arlo Q I guess.

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An option for military time is a great idea. While not currently a feature on the Arlo system, I will relocate this thread to the Arlo Idea Exchange so that it gets proper exposure to the development team.


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I really don't want to hear it s a great idea, if it wasn't I would not be posting it. I wanted to see it in there yesterday. It's strange and stupid to not have it in there. What did you make these things for? Who still uses this weird AM PM stuff anyway?

I have camera software, that is free, on my Raspberry Pi that understands we want military time as a default.

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Same here, AM / PM instead of military time is not too cool in Germany...