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Theft Deterrent

The cameras placed outside can easily be stolen.  The motion sensor lag sometimes does not capture video until it is too late.

I believe that each camera has its unique serial number.  It would be great if Arlo could disable stolen cameras or provide some ability to track or recover stolen cameras.  Even an image captured when an attempt(s) is later made to register the camera to a new base station.


Yes that would be nice, but camera placement is also important. Hard to get to, have them overlap, and motion setting for max effect. Also have some on 120volt to maximize Zone settings, if you program more to come on that guarantees getting the BG. We had to 2 lurkers last night, hiding from passing car, 3 cameras captured beautiful video, including great facial shots. Sent video to a Sherriff Deputy that patrols this area with info, their hoodies had words clearly legible and somewhat uniquie. They might get to our cameras but we would have at least 25 seconds of great video on at least 2 but usually 3 cameras



With the latest software updates the triggering range is greatly improved.  The camera is capable of taking terrific video at greater distances then the local triggering will allow.  I put in a request for a new remote motion sensor to trigger the Arlo camera/s.  Hopefully the size of a hockey puck, and outdoor/indoor capable.   For me, this would be great as my camera placement is close to the limits of the local camera triggering range.  Zooming would not help in this situation as triggering is not image-based, but still PIR.  I am very happy with the Ultra and Pro2 camera and they are both working great to protect my home and vehicle/s.  


If either of my ideas are already an option that Arlo offers, then please let me know where I can find them and also, please make them much easier to find the solution when searching on Google or on your site.


After reading and viewing countless reviews on wireless home security camera systems, the Arlo Pro 3 was always top 3 on almost every list. My very own Pro 3 kit arrived today and so far I've been very impressed with its video/audio quality, performance, and features (spotlight, 2-way audio w/noise cancellation, etc.). My biggest gripe is your company's lack of options to physically protect my cameras. For how much this bundle cost (model number VMS4240P-1CCNAS according to, I'd like some anti-theft/anti-tamper solutions to protect my investment.


Sure, I get alerts on my phone and can manually set off the alarm, but I expected the Pro 3's alarm system to mimic the eufyCam 2's (the alarm automatically goes off if the camera is removed from its mount). Maybe you can include that feature in a future software update or at the very least, in future models?


It would've also been nice to have the option of purchasing an anti-theft mounting kit for my Pro 3s (think mounting kit with a rugged chain or wire that can deter stealing the camera from its mount and also prevent accidental drops). Below are some Amazon links to give you a design ideas of what I'm talking about:


*I personally like almost everything about the 3rd link's design and features, but can do without the mini roof since the Pro 3s are supposedly rated IP65 per's review.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering my ideas.