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Theft Deterrent

The cameras placed outside can easily be stolen.  The motion sensor lag sometimes does not capture video until it is too late.

I believe that each camera has its unique serial number.  It would be great if Arlo could disable stolen cameras or provide some ability to track or recover stolen cameras.  Even an image captured when an attempt(s) is later made to register the camera to a new base station.


Someone mentions in another thread, "Where Can I Buy Theft-Proof Arlo Mounts (forum-search on the word "theft") that these ARE available in brick and mortar stores and "online," but regrettably, he/she does not provide a direct link.  I wish he/she had because I'm thinking the same thing -- that it wouldn't be hard to steal -- and don't as of yet fully understand what product can or how it can prevent this.  I've just never secured a camera outside before and do plan on putting two outside.


If a camera is stolen I don't believe it can be used w/another Arlo system so long as its serial number or that particular camera itself is still linked to your system.  Certainly you can unlink it and give it to a friend, but only after you "delete" it from your system.  So it can be stolen but would not do the thief any good (at least to sell it).  That still doesn't stop a potential thief from yanking it and crushing it (although, hopefully, his image would by then be in the Cloud).


As for tracking a stolen camera, I guess these things aren't like smart phones which you can track, shut down or wipe remotely.


Anyway, those are my opinions but I'd LOVE to be further educated.  😉


As far as theft prevention I'm going to try using an "Outdoor CCTV Camera Black White Plastic Shell Round Dome Housing" that I found on Amazon for under $10. Nothing is completely safe but since the thief would have to take time to dismantle the housing then swipe the camera, I'm sure some type of shot would be sent to the Cloud and hopefully could identify the thief. One concern I have is that the plastic housing would reflect in a way that messes up with IR reflections at night. But since it is advertised as a dome to be placed over a security camera I have some hope - we'll see. Changing batteries would take me a little more time as well. The other idea is simply the adjustable screw on mounts that would take time to unscrew with the same hope for a identifying video on the cloud.

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Ralph, great idea, can you share your experience with the housing and the effect on the ir lighting?

I did give it a try a couple ways, but the reflectons of the infrared kill the picture so it did not work. I think some security cameras that work with the housing either have a nonreflective glass (not plastic) lens and/or they have the infra-red sensors mounted against the glass on the inside of the housing. But I tried. The good news is I mounted the fake housings around house so they serve as decoys.


Yep.  I tried placing camera inside house thorugh glass, but the IR reflection prevented this from being effective at night.


I opted to purchase the more securely mounted outside mount that actually screws the camera to the mount and screws the mount into the wall/ceiling.  I placed the camera high enough where a thief would need a ladder to get to them and then would have to screw it off the mount.  I do wish there were a way to better secure the camera though.

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Another Anti Theft idea for cameras would be a movement sensor. Not motion from the camera but an internal boxed pendulum so that the camera settles into a position and if it is moved it starts streaming for X amount of time or till the batteries go flat.
Certainly the serial number of the unit should be able to be used to attempt to recover the camera. Lets face it, once its stolen, making it simply not work is only half the solution. The camera should be able to report and stream video back to your account once it has been deemed stolen so you can see who has it. Of course this assumes it has been paired to another controller.
The new sites public ip at the time and date should help track the new "owner" down as well as photos and video in HD too.

Arlo / Netgear need to manufacture an anti-theft bracket.  Even if the face was detected and stored, it's not going to get our stolen camera back unless we know the face (or Police know).  I plan to purchase the bracket designed to screw directly into the camera, hang it up high as mentioned above by GMYORT - although not 100% secure, it's certainly better than a magnet.   

Would love to hear if this is developed in the future

Yet another anti-theft idea that I have since implemented is this.
I Found the screw mount seems to be standard Rack bolt compatible, so I got one and added a washer.
Then i bought some of those fishing lure thin steel cables with loops on each end that are about 20cm long. I cut off the spinner and clips leaving just the loops at each end. Then i put one end over my rack bolt, went round the tree trunk and then under the bolt again. As the steel cable is thin i used all 3 that came on the pack.
This is sort of ok.
I wish they had a hole through one corner of the camera for this purpose. I would use the same idea but with a small pad lock to join the loops.
I have done this with wild life cams but with thicker steel cable, swages and a padlock.

"Outdoor CCTV Camera Black White Plastic Shell Round Dome Housing" sounds good. Could you please share a photo and let me know which type of housing you used? I don't think any housing will work as some may disturb IR/view ?


Thank you!