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The grant access user cannot use the direct access to the local storage.

I hope Arlo team can take this suggestion into consideration. 

Arlo needs to fix this issue NOW! I spent way too much money on this pro 3 system just to find out I have to pay so my family members can see the local recordings!!! I'm beyond pissed. I would have gotten the cheaper 2 system that includes cloud storage and sharing at no extra cost. They found a way to rip people off and seems that it's working... I will never purchase an Alto system again and will never recommend them.

I fully subscribe to the comments posted by many users of the Arlo community. This failure to grant direct access to the USB to a second person (friend) is akin to a bug. Either that or a direct policy to force the users to buy the cloud subscription. I hope the product will be enhanced in a very near future, to prevent a lot of dissatisfied customers.