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Tap on Push Notification opens live view of initiating camera

(Note: I'm an Android user - I'm not sure how this works on iOS)


The primary reason that someone would use a push notification is so that they're notified immediately when there's motion.


I'd suggest that the best behavior when clicking on a push notification is that it opens the live view of the camera that initiated the notification.


Additionally, an app-level setting to optionally choose to open the library entry associated with the push would be helpfull. That way, if you view the notification later, you can immediatly link to the recorded event.


I agree 100% with this request. I have an Android my husband has iOS and we would like the notification to come to both of us as well not just the main user. It's ridiculous to have a product that will only notify one device of an issue. This should be basic for a company like yours. 


We have 6 cameras and bought for this reason. Otherwise we could've went with a different product. 

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You can receive notifications on more than one device by utilizing the Grant Access feature. For more information, take a look here: How do I add friends to my Arlo account?




When I get a notification, it would be nice to tap on it and the app go straight to the camera. Currently it doesnt. I have so many cameras I forget which one to go to.  Is there a way to do that now? If not they should have this option.