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Support more storage options

There are 2 type of markets:


Group#1: You have the none-techincal people, who just want to turn everything on, and start using it as a "for dummies" style. Everything is simplifed and beautifully presented to them without need to know all the technical stuff. They are welling to pay a reasonable fee for making their life easier.


Group#2: On the other hand, you have the computer geeks, like myself, would prefer my recordings goes to local NAS and then automatic synced to my OneDrive, this way I get a copy locally and a backup copy in my cloud. I know how to configure it, am familar with troubleshooting if have a problem. and frankyly I couldn't care less about the the nice interface after it has been configured. And i don't want to pay for more money when I already got tens of GB of cloud storage available at my dispose.



I see Arlo is satisfying only group#1, and making some money off the subscription. But I think group#2 would prefer an IP camera over Arlo partly due to the space limitation. If Netgear can support pushing recording to various cloud storages (local NAS, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox...etc), then you might get more share of group#2 market.

Please update this page with new information regarding local storage.

I fully support this request for #2 as I am also using a professional NETGEAR ReadyNAS with 12TB of space. NG has its surveillance solution with local recording, so why not also offer storing the video stream data there?


In addition, I have another concern that is that I am not at all interested and willing to store private data in a cloud solution, where I have absolutely no control over it. When recording outdoor, there comes in addition a legal issue of data protection and privacy laws and regulation as some countries have very strict rules of what you are legally allowed and what not - hence making a cloud based solution even less of an option (because you have no control over the data).


Thank you for your consideration.




I like the cloud setup, but without the option to store files locally it is a bit of pain.


It is not often I lose my broadband connection but it does happen.


If this is not going to happen how about an option to download the days files to my NAS, I dont really want to go through them one by one.


I bought the Arlo through Amazon ... but with Amazon Prime, I intend to try the system and see how it meets my needs.


I am concerned about the 1GB / 7Day limit ... as another poster wrote ... who gores on holiday for 7 days ... and if there's an incident while we're away, I may not have the chance to download the video in time.


Save to local storage / NAS or even a Dropbox / Google Drive account should not be an feature to be considered ... it should be there as standard. With multiple NAS Disks around the house, a burglar could have a good chance of not finding all the recordings. With Arlo., all they need to do is disconnect the main router, and the recordings are finsihed.


Serious short-coming for a system with a not so economic price tag.


I'll see how it works out ... but you're definitely on probation Arlo.


It's easy, the camera is more then capable of local storage. Even my Swann system from 4 years ago does local storage with remote access. On battery backup for when power goes out. Always recording. Even when power is out and Internet is down. This is a money making greed system clearly. They won't change it until either 1. People start returning there cameras and or stop buying them because of this issue. 2. A competitor comes out with a camera/system with similar wireless capabilities and local storage. So everyone start returning your cameras now. And eventually they will get the hint. For netgear, I would be worried about that proforma in the next year or so. I personally need to add 10 indoor and 12 outdoor cameras. First company to come up with a wireless HD solution with local storage and remote view and control options gets the money. A small PTZ HD camera with optical zoom is the next thing I'm waiting for. Years I'm sure.

I do security camera installs.  I have only been asked to setup 2 Arlo Systems.


The 1st was customer purchased and I installed before we (myself and customer) realized it was locked to Cloud based savings. They were headed to Florida that week and there wasn't time to change the system. The customer still has it but isn't happy. 


The 2nd was a customer who purchased it but after I explained it was Cloud based only they returned it.

I have since installed a superior system for them that is NOT Cloud based.

I understand now that although the store they purchased it from still carries them (corporate store), staff now advise and discourage Arlo cameras due to the Cloud based saves.









This feature needs to be implemented immediately , it should have been a feature from the start.
I just bought this system as reviews said you could use local storage but turns out you can't and what makes it worse is you can't even use the system unless it has internet access, tried to set it up with a wireless router that had no internet connection and I couldn't even log into the system to test the cameras. They need to implement local storage as well as lunch a offline mode and have local server support so you can use a NAS with it.

I might return this as I don't want it taking up my limited internet connection and is pain to use as its 200meters from the house so have to use wireless repeaters which is more expense.

Need more people to support this to get the feature implemented.

We should be able to record directly to network drives. I have 6Terabytes of Hard Drive connected to my Netgear R7300 Router just waiting to be used. This would be perfect for me. If this is already an option please advise me how to configure. 




+1 +1 +1 !!
OF course local storage is much more interesting then paying monthly fee while I have a lot of disk space on my NAS and Server. And what about country house usage if you don't have access to the web there ??
Come on ! Local storage is a must !!