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Support more storage options

There are 2 type of markets:


Group#1: You have the none-techincal people, who just want to turn everything on, and start using it as a "for dummies" style. Everything is simplifed and beautifully presented to them without need to know all the technical stuff. They are welling to pay a reasonable fee for making their life easier.


Group#2: On the other hand, you have the computer geeks, like myself, would prefer my recordings goes to local NAS and then automatic synced to my OneDrive, this way I get a copy locally and a backup copy in my cloud. I know how to configure it, am familar with troubleshooting if have a problem. and frankyly I couldn't care less about the the nice interface after it has been configured. And i don't want to pay for more money when I already got tens of GB of cloud storage available at my dispose.



I see Arlo is satisfying only group#1, and making some money off the subscription. But I think group#2 would prefer an IP camera over Arlo partly due to the space limitation. If Netgear can support pushing recording to various cloud storages (local NAS, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox...etc), then you might get more share of group#2 market.


+1 Definitely would like the ability to save to a local NAS device alongside my basic subscription.


I agree more storage options needed. Maybe, also, allowing for SD cards to store video/audio from the base station.


+1 I agree, I would expect to be able to save to a local NAS device, and/or cloud storage alongside my basic subscription.


This is a great idea.  So far I like what I've heard and read about the Arlo system.  I definitely plan to install one or two cameras on the exterior of my house to monitor front/back doors.  But with the cloud storage recording I can't see myself ever installing the Arlo in my house (privacy issues, etc).


What I'd really love is the ability to save the video onto a NAS drive.  Or perhaps a USB drive/SD card that is attached to the Arlo base station.



Apart from none-techincal people vs geeks the cloud storage leaves a unpleasant feeling concerning the privacy needs when it comes to home surveillance. This cloud-only is the only thing that keeps me from ordering a heap of those cameras, the rest of the product's options are impressive.


So I'd like to decide myself if I use the convenient way of cloud storage to the netgear servers, my own FTP-server or my local storage in form of a USB attached drive.





NETGEAR!!!! When I heard of this device I nearly sh@t myself. Perfect for me I thought. Until about 5 mins before placing the order. Found out that the only option for storage is Netgears cloud storage where videos expire after 7 days, and size capped to 1GB.


Problem: Who goes on holiday for less than 7 days?? Really??


You are aiming this predominently at the home user (with home security, pet monitoring, baby monitoring etc), but your pricing/thinking is business orientated? Home users don't want to worry about additional monthly charges for storage or certainly don't have an admin pleb who is going to log in every week to download all videos so as not to loose them. Thus, being a home user, I do not want to pay another monthly subscription for more cloud storage when I have 15TB of free space lying around gathering dust, nor do I want to log into some interface every week to remember to download all my videos, before they expire.That will get really old really soon. Too much admin.


Not to mention costly, I only have limited data bundle at home, and I don't want to waste it uploading something only to then have to download it again later. Seems poinless. Until there's local HDD or NAS storage support options, I'm holding off.




PS1: I have a Netgear RN316 with 6*4TB drives, 15TB free space. Why not use that? Why when one pays $500 should one be limited to 1GB, and for 7 days???

PS2: What's the USB ports for if not for storage?? Printer sharing?

PS3: My parents and in-laws were really interested too, but not till there's local storage options. THey don't have fast internet at home


I agree. Come on, Netgear!


Next to improving the motion detection, lag, and include/exclude areas of the video, this should be top of the list!


I agree, this would make this solution very powerful.

Simple SD card option would save cloud storage space and upload to Internet on our increasingly data limited internet plans.