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Solar panel power for cameras

It would be great to be able to attach solar panels to the cameras for more perment installs to charge the batterys.

I am new to using these cameras and love their ease of use.  But solar power would be such an easy improvement as a power option.  The critical outdoor areas that I have these mounted would easily be able to get direct sun for most of the day.  I have solar/battery powered LED lights for security.  The technology is not hard.

I recently purchased and installed the Arlo wireless system that comes with 4 cameras. The system has been in place for close to a month now and overall I am very pleased. An area that I believe the system could be improved is by offering solar powered cameras. The battery life that we receive with batteries are ok but if you offered a solar panel, no larger than the size of an iPad , that could power 2 or more cameras, that would improve the system overall because consumers would not have to be in a latter once a month changing batteries.
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A solar panel designed for the Arlo Pro is currently planned for release in early 2017. For more information, take a look here: How can I use the Arlo Solar Panel?




Since the camera does not appear to draw much power, a solar charger could be made that you can connect to the micro USB port. The Charger could be mounted permanently and supply the necessary power to keep the battery charged. Of course all the connections would have to be water proof, and the battery already fully charged as the solar charger would take too long to charge it.

I am running both camera models; Arlo and Arlo Pro. A solar panel for both models would be a great asset and i would be on it! It would be great to see this soonest.

I guess people will be tiring of changing batterys. How about a solar panel as the charger for the battery?


You might want to search first before assuming that an idea is new:



Solar is free energy you will be saving in the long run dust and dirt are two of the worst  things to rest on solar panel they cut down your output when enough builds up.

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Thank you for taking the time to post this great idea! A solar panel designed for the Arlo Pro is currently planned for release in early 2017. For more information, take a look at How can I use the Arlo Solar Panel?. There is also a current idea that is similar and has quite a few votes (Solar panel power for cameras), so I'm marking this idea as duplicate.