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Show image/snapshot when motion is detected

I get alerts that there is motion occurring. I have a camera at my front door. There are no windows, and I would like to know who is ringing my doorbell. It would be nice to have the option to have an image sent with the alert. It takes awhile to open the app and play the video. I guess a snapshot or delayed live stream accessible with one click would do it. Using iOS.

Would indeed be an excellent idea now that iOS at least supports rich notifications.

I like this idea. I hate to wait for the video to record before being able to see what is going on at my home. I would like to see the still frame in text messages if that is how one receives one's notifications.


In addition, the thumbnail/snapshot needs to be of what set off the motion. I really hate that the thumbnails in the library all look the same because they are of the start of the video


INCLUDE PHOTO IMAGE IN NOTIFICATIONS-This would be particularly useful for Apple Watch users to avoid having to pick up the phone to view incidents when it may be a false alarm. Surprised Arlo Team didn’t think of this feature.

I know snapshot is not available for the Arlo Pro cameras on the library video.    So, support told me to post this here so the engineers will see it.   Please upgrade the cameras to support snapshot from the library videos on Arlo Pro cameras!


Also, when using playback on the videos from the library on a pc, you can't even take a clean screenshot of a paused image because the "Play/Pause" icon sits right in the middle of the image.     The "play/pause" icon sits right in the middle of the image on the devices images too, when all you might need is a little snapshot instead of playing it live!


Arlo app on iPhone 8

Arlo app on Safari and Firefox on iMac




Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 2.53.53 PM.pngAdditional photo of the "Play" icon sitting in the middle of the screen. 


try and get a copy of VLC player ( free )...d/l the video and then while playing the prgm has a snapshot option to select a frame





I would like to set up a snapshot at the same time each day.  For example, take a picture at 6am each day.  Doesn’t seem to be a difficult and I’m surprised no one has requested this feature.  We were having a house built and installed a camera facing the house so we could monitor the progress.  It would have been great to have a series of pictures documenting the construction.


Thanks,  Will


Sometimes you may not want a full video, just a quick photo.  It would also be great if that photo could be immediately sent to your mobile device.




It would be great if the thumbnail still from a recording was the instant that the recording started. Currently, I have to play each recording to see what triggered the recording.