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Set up text notification, customize notification, and more options for grant access

The following enhancements are reqeusted for the Arlo product.


Regarding email notifications.
#1 Can you set it up for Text notification? I've added the email address for texting a phone, but now anyone in the notificaiton list cannot send an MMS to the other person, it is always sending our text messages to the or, etc

#2 The messages we receive for motion/sound notificaiton, should be minimized or customizable. The message is so long, and contains information we dont necessarily need. I have tricked the sytsem and added a fake email address as the FIRST email address in the notificaiton list for each of my devices i.e.,, so that I can immediatly see where the motion/sound was detected. The message is still quite LONG and contains information we dont need, along with the links to view the video not working.


Regarding user rights (Users > Grant Access). Currently the only options I can give a user are to view Devices and Allow Access Rights, which allows them to change the mode or watch live video. These rights should be checkboxes for ALL RIGHTS the admin has, with the ability to grant them as the user needs them. Something like this,

__Allow user to Change mode to
 (List all modes)
   __  ARMED
 __  Custom Mode ie. Sunday Church

__Allow user to Add a Mode
__Allow user to watch live video
__Stop video stream if movement detected and system is set to record on movement/audio
__Allow turn on/off Siren
__Allow to speak via camera
__Allow New System Setup
__Allow to Buy more cameras?
__Allow to Device Order
__Allow to Change/update Device Name
__Allow to Add/Remove Device
__Allow to Delete Video


Need to be able to turn off notifications from shared cameras.


I would love to turn off shared camera notifications as they are mostly false positives and are overwhelming my ability to monitor my own cameras which are mostly true positives. It's just not creating a safe situation. I do want to be able to view the shared ones but only on my own terms.



It’s very annoying that I have to endure notifications from my parents’ cameras just to be able to check on them easily. My alternative is to create a separate account for their cameras to be shared with, but then I would have to log out of my account and into a different one every time I wanted to look at their cameras or  events. This should not have gone three years without even a response, when it’s obviously a use case for many users. I don’t see how it wasn’t an initial requirement for the sharing functionality.


Arlo team, this has gone on long enough! Does anyone in the Arlo team or a Moderator here who can get the info through to the Dev team, have the decency to even reply?? It’s unbelievable really! 3 years and NOTHING!


Over 30 months, nothing.


I take it Arlo is an abandoned product, and I should buy something else for my next cam.

I have a Garmin watch that gets notifications from my Arlo. The text of the notification starts out with some generic text... arlo has detected... or something like that. The first part of the notification is the same for each camera. The problem that i would like to see resolved is to quickly see which camera got alerted. Can the notification start out with the name of my device first? Then i immediately, without scrolling on my watch, can see where there is activity. Thanks.
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The latest release of Arlo SW does not have a separate notification setting for event and geofencing what I can see, is there a way to make the app only make a notification sound when an event is happening and not when geofencing is activated or deactivated?


It is really annoying to have the same setting for both these triggers. I only want to be notified via sound when an event is triggered, but not when someone leaves/enters the goefencing zone.




4 year anniversary without a reply...