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SSID name change/disable

We should be allowed to change the name of the SSID to something that isn’t labeled Arlo so we aren’t advertising we have cameras hidden around our residence. This isn’t asking to make the base stations network to be invisible. Just allow us the ability to change the name to something else so no one is aware that a house has cameras.


Any latecy is bad and feels clunky my upload is 1000 mbit and I have 2-3 seconds latency on the video feed they should implement a local api but that will never happen because then they cant charge money for their forced subscription fees.


Chiming in on this. Just setup 4 x Pro 3's and a VMB4540 and the hub SSID is showing for all to see. Brutal that this still isn't a feature, and i'm unsure what benefit it is to Arlo to not allow us to at least change the name of the network. Given that this has been requested by so many over years (since 2017 by my view), it's clear that there is some internal reason that Arlo is not implementing this simple fix. Not sure what it is but there must be some benefit to the company by avoiding allowing this.


As far as I can see, the only benefit to the company with the name "Arlo" leading off the private network SSID is free advertising - So much for customer appreciation.

The world of the "cloud" has taken control of products out of customers' hands. It's happening just about everywhere and with every product/process in which data is being sent to the "cloud". 


Please allow SSID name change and hiding for both neighbors and criminals reasons. Please consider it in a wider context, not just as security of the WiFi connection.


 Reminding all neighbors "hey I am watching you" every time they look for their WiFi is not a good idea. Some of them may be greatful for extra security, but others may be concerned about privacy.

Working out who has Arlo installed is easy when you have 5 houses in the range, just by looking at people or walking past the houses and watching the signal strength.

None of the neighbors are criminals or know SSID hiding or revealing is a possibility at all. They may not even know what Arlo is, and that's my only hope.


Likely, if criminals don't know what Arlo is, the broadcast SSID is not a deterrent. If they do, they would use the information to their advantage, and there are enough clues on how to defeat Arlo on this forum alone.


The broadcast SSID was my worst disappointment with Arlo so far.



Yes, please. I have two base stations and constantly seeing them broadcast (at the top of my Wifi list, mind you, 'cause they start with A) is just annoying. No reason to broadcast them for any reason other than connecting for the first time. 


My Arlo SSID has changed by itself, I don’t understand why or how it did ?