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Rotate image 90 degrees

I've got my Arlo focused on the walkway leading up to my house which is longer than it is wide. Arlo currently allowd me to rotate the image 180 degrees so I can mount it upside down, A 90 degree rotation would let me turn the camera on its side and have more vertical resolution where I need it.

All of this is pretty much smoke in the wind. Netgear has successfully ignored this issue for several years now. I don't expect that they'll listen now. It's a simple enough change to the code that displays the image. All they would have to do, in addition to this, is have a disclaimer that the motion detection might not be as reliable if the camera is rotated (but mine, in fact, works just fine. I just have a pain in my neck from rotating my head sideways to view the camera feed).

I decided to attack this by turning my camera 45º, that way I get the best of what I can with motion detection along my entryway. I wish there was a 90º fix, but this is the best work around I came up with, along with the angle of the camera. Took some playing around to make sure it triggered correctly, but it works.



This was suggested at least 4 years ago, but that idea is still in a being considered state, in spite of well over a hundred likes.  So I'd like to add another request, to be sure that Arlo know their customers haven't forgot about it, and that we'd really like to see the feature added.  A potrait orientation, or a 90- / 270- degree rotation option for video, per camera, would be a huge bonus for a lot of camera mounting locations and situations.  Please don't just blow this request off - this is something that would be VERY useful to Arlo customers.


I am mounting the camera to the front of the home. With magnetic mount, the only option is to us a 90 degree flip of the image to see correctly.


Please add the 90 Degree view. 


Arlo will never make this to happen. I sold my arlo pro kit. I switched to reolink. Far better quality and less expensive. Performance and technical support is great.


Guys, I recommend to switch now. 


Self recording on nvr 24/7 recording without monthly subscription. 


Please can the ability to rotate the image 90 degrees be added... desperately  needed for side of house viewing!!! Otherwise everything is perfect... we just love this system!!


This camera is only 20% effective without the ability to rotate 90 degrees. The reason is that I am sticking it directly to a metal wall, which I cannot drill screws into for the mount, so I am stuck with it facing outwards parallel to the ground. The only way to get the vertical coverage necessary is to tilt it sideways.


It would be a huge value add. Without, I cannot see myself buying another of these cameras.


<p>I’ve mounted three of my six cameras sideways to monitor long and narrow areas. The cameras work fine on their sides. When I open a sideways video on my iPhone, the IPhone automatically rotates it for me. If I need to use a recording, I use a video editing application to manually rotate the recording. Otherwise, by their lack of response, Arlo does not seem able to accommodate this request.</p>


I am happy to hear that your iPhone has a workaround for you. My Google Pixel and my PC do not, unfortunately, have that feature.


They are certainly able to accomodate the request (they have a 180 degree rotation option), the question is whether they will choose to do so. I would hope with all these comments, they would seriously consider it.


Please just add it. It should be a super simple feature to build.