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Plastic Mount for Security

I would like Arlo to make several plastic mounts for outdoor use that could make it more difficult to steal.

Here is an example of a (ugly but works well) mount I made using a plastic electrical junction box. It can mount with 4 to 6 long screws making it not worth a burglar's time to try to remove it, I used cheap window shims glued together, painted and screwed into the eave of my house. I only paid about $2 for the box although it was quite a bit of work to make as the inside of the box has many ridges that must be filed down. Since I drillled the holes in the eave slightly smaller than the screws, it takes quite a bit of work to remove it. Coupled with the solar panel it works out great even if it is ugly. I thiink a nicer looking mount could be made very inexpensively and sure would offer a great deal more security. I will try to insert some photos of my moount.


Front viewFront viewTop ViewTop ViewSide ViewSide View


I have a suggestion - provide larger screws for installation of the mounts.  The tiny screws provided require a microscopic screwdriver that many people probably don't own.  (me)  I had to buy some that would work with a larger screwdriver but still had a small enough head to fit into the mount.  

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Thank you for the feedback!



I made mine out of wood. I wanted something to keep the camera, cables, connections, and mounting equipment all contained and weather sealed. Yes the cameras are weather resistant. But I wanted extra protection. 


Yes this is a great idea and a great job as there is a definite need to provide camera security. Though my only suggestion is that the box offers little in the way of camera adjustment angle or wall mount orientation options. To produce an option as as an accessory it would need the ability to enable the user to adjust camera angles and install either overhead or on a vertical flat surface (wall, post etc). Cheers




I have taken some photos of them mounted, I just haven't posted them yet. I don't know if I can add them to the original post or not. Anyway to get the proper angle I cut and glued some cheap wooden window/door shims. painted them white and mounted to the eaves with 3" nails. I then used even longer screws to screw the camera to the shims. These screws also go all the way through the eaves. Thus almost all the length of the screws in in wood. That is why I put them on solar panels so that I would not have to unscrew them for a long time. 

Since I am also using Smartthings to control my cameras, I placed one of the Smartthings open/close sensors with built in accelorometer next to it and glued the magnet to the housing. That way if someone tampers with it I will get a notification in Smartthings.




What a neat idea, I've been wrestling as to how to securely mount a camera on my front porch (landing/entrance). I'm sure that others will develp this further.

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Again, very ugly but it works great, but here is a picture of the camera mounted vertically. To do that, I cut the hole in the bottom of the outlet box instead of the end in the other pictures. Very secure and keeps the elements out.

Thanks for the kudos.

My wife has a tall leafy plant in the living room. I glued an automobile hose clamp to the area of the camera that accepts the magnetic base and secured it to the lamp pole that is next to plant and used some 3-M camoflauge tape to wrap around the camera that is between the long leaves to disguise it.

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Great Idea !! I like Ugly !! The Home Depot cages havent arrived yet. I'm hoping that all the wire on the cages doesn't obstruct the View. $52.00 isn't real cheap!  If mine doesnt work out, I'll get my husband to look at what you made!  Thanks for The Idea!