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Alexa/Arlo speak detections

Lets get the app updated so the Alexa can speak the Alro's motion detection alerts. I appreciate the phone notifications, BUT if I'm in my home walking around I normally don't have my phone on me and would like to be vocally notified if there's motion detected around the outside of my home without having to go through lengthy IT "hacks" to get Alexa to vocalize the detection. I believe it would be a beneficial and a great way to upsell your system. Hoping this gets added soon Smiley Happy


That's a great idea!


I would also very much appreciate this, it would be so helpful 


I thought it would work that way . With the Amazon Echo Show you would think an alert and screen Veiw of the alerted camera would automatically show up.


YES... An excellent idea that I am sure would be appreciated by many.


Great idea. I would further add the ability to choose Alexa notifications by Zone. So if I only want alerts announced on Alexa if motion is at a door vs. any where in yard. I'd also want to be able to limit the annoucement to Alexa device I choose, i.e. not the kids room Alexa device (how annoyed they'd be if their gaming was distracted by a stream of false alarms)


I thought this was also a current feature of the Alexa skill.  I like how I can call up a feed from my cameras to my Echo Show, but having a vocal push notification on whatever selected Alexa device would be a excellent feature.


I just bought Arlo thinking that it would do just this, can't believe they've missed such an obvious feature? 


Like most people, I have my phone on charge overnight, not at my bedside. I have an Echo dot permanently on my bedside table, I have my Arlo camera monitoring my garden office so come on Netgear, having Alexa call out that Arlo has detected movement would be a brilliant feature.  

Absolutely agree that motion detection should be verbally alerted as well as optionally brought up on alexa screens where configured. 


Ideally Alexa would simply say, “Arlo is detecting motion on Front Door. Do you want to see the camera?”


Natually this would be wonderful to extend across FireTV and some day an xbox one and windows 10 app would be nice for the same functionality. 


My wife has an Apple watch and the Arlo alerts to her watch are pretty nice. 

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!