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Outdoor alarm add-on or accessory to scare away intruder without waking neighborhood

-- I'm suggesting an External siren I can choose to *pulse quickly* a few short blasts --  or let it go continuously for 30 secs., or 60 secs., etc.

-- In the Forum, it lists the outdoor alarm issue as Solved ----- but it is *not* solved.

 Only a Dlink workaround was suggested -- and it was noted that the Dlink alarm connected thru IFTTT is *not*loud enough to scare away intruder.


-- Controllable alarm is requested --  because


----- you don't want to wake the entire neighborhood if you are successful in scaring the burglar away with just a pulse or short blast of the Alarm. A controllable accessory Alarm you could mount inside (or outside) would make this system very solid. 


----- If the person persists, you could sound a louder alarm for a longer period, so that neighbors will call police or be warned there is danger in the area.


Scaring away the intruder is crucial --because thieves often *do not mind being on camera* and they know that police never show up in time to stop them from stealing.


------ A burglar who does not hear a loud alarm will simply continue robbing the house--even if he has seen or stolen your Arlo camera already..


So the Arlo system needs a loud, outdoor, controllable-from-the-app alarm.

(Contollable as to volume and length of alarm blast.)




When will there be an more accessories for Arlo Ultra 4K like:  ( The siren in Arlo Ultra in not loud at all. (disappointed)) 
*Outdoor siren

*Indoor siren

*Sensors - water, doors, window.............

*Remote control 


Thank you in advanced

Tore Andersen 



Arlo needs to develop an outside battery powered siren that you can activate from your app. Would be a great addition to complete your arlo alarm system. Light, loud sirens and barking dogs are what keep criminals away.

How come you guys ain’t come up with a outdoor-siren connected to the base the same way the siren in the base are, so when I see a person on my camera I can start the siren from the app or have the choice to connect the outdoor-siren to a camera and automatically start when someone trespassing?

There is a "siren" built into more recent Arlo cameras. Whether it is loud enough is another matter.




so far really disappointed with the alarm system. 

The sound is really weak and since on the Pro2 is ONLY in the base station, unless the the base is near the triggered camera, its pretty much pointless. 


really Disappointed. 


Re how LOUD the siren is… 


Is it Possible this is Faulty ? 


Also the way you cant configure any combinations of triggers and actions is tedious… 


I Must be missing something buy I seem to not be able to select configurations from the Android app