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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




I completely agree!!!  Especially since 


With Adobe to kill off Flash Plugin by 2020 (


AND all of the modern browsers (Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, already blocking Flash), the real question is why has Arlo / Netgear NOT moved to HTML5?


What do the Android and iOS clients use? It certainly is not Flash, why not use that, if not HTML5?


Same +1 vote here.  I'm primarily a Linux user;  Flash works (with workarounds) on Chromium, but refuses to work in Firefox on Linux.


Has anyone had a formal response yet from Netgear?

[EDIT: I have submitted a formal request directly into Arlo customer service] - will update here once we here back on their reponse for "plan of intent" on this

Informal response from Arlo support (at this time; I had an extensive discussion over telephone with Arlo support -- they called me directly after my customer service e-mail to them)


  • several users have submitted this concern of late and in the past (Arlo support is aware of the Flash security, compatibility, and EoL concerns)
  • Arlo support has forwarded this concern to the appropriate team internally (that is, my specific submission/occurence w/ reference to this community post) 
  • hopefully ARLO_SUPPORT tagged moderators of the community can please comment soon (the support staff suggested strongly that a community ARLO_MODERATOR has the strongest avenue to drive this into engineering)
  • we can (should) expect this fix to eventually come in a future update (though no timeline commitment exists at this time)

TIP: Arlo users, please be aware that a transition from a Flash solution to HTML5 does involve technical effort and qualification/testing etc.  We should all please be patient.  In my opinion, we should expect a formal commitment of intent from Arlo SOON to replace the Flash implementation, but timeline for switching to HTML5 will be beholdent to their project R&D software cycles which we should accept.


Brand new product, and I can't seem to use this without my browser constantly requiring me authorise the use of Flash - a product that was deprecated long ago and Google is doing everything in it's power to remove its existence.


So.... why did I pay for an absolete product? I fear it's a matter of time before I can't use this at all on my PC. 


I can't find anywhere a statement from Netgear/Arlo offering a roadmap to fix this. 


Replying just to confirm the same issues with asking for Flash.

As mentioned, this is not an easy fix and hopefully will be priority in upcoming updates. 

It being a complex technical issue is no different than rolling out new hardware like a doorbell or 4k camera. Kicking the can down the road will make it more difficult for existing users to continue using hardware they already own and even more difficult to justify paying for premium services.

An official response from Arlo acknowledging the issue shouldn't be this difficult. I for one can't and won't consider purchasing additional Arlo hardware or services until I know that Arlo is serious about making sure its customers can use all functionality without issue.

I've been dealing with the same problem and thought it was just my system. What do I need to do for now? Arlo is loosing my interest bad in purchasing any more of their products. Re-sync weekly, off line, automatically going back to default settings. What a pain this is. 




I installed my first Arlo last night, and today finding out that the web UI uses Flash. WTH?

Netgear, you have had plenty of notice that Flash is insecure and dead. Why is this still a thing?


Flash on the Mac is now very painful...


Safar - can't get a newer version and keep getting the banner "A newer version is required...."


Chrome - after installing the latest version, now get the banner, click the 'here' and then get pop-up from chrome to confirm ' wants to run Flash', clicking OK then boots you off the site and you have to log back in again....


Come on Netgear, Adobe announced the planned EOL for Flash, way back in July 2017