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Motion detection on only part of the view without sacrificing any of the screen

To explain this I am going to use a living room as an example.


The way it currently is set:


Put the camera in the corner of the room and catch the entire room - Fantastic!

Anyone walks into the view, it records - Fantastic!


Now say there is a glass on a table in the middle of the room. 

I can "crop" or "zoom in" on the table and the camera will shoot only that, so if someone touches the glass it records, but it only shows the table.


What I want: Show the entire room - BUT - only put the motion detection on the table, so the entire room is in the camera view but the recording only happens if someone is in the table view. This way I can see where the person went, who the person was, etc instead of potentially just the hand grabbing the glass.

I don't see why setting a motion detection region can't be done in the cloud, via a software upgrade. That is the PIR wakes the camera sending the video to Netgear where the software only analyses the motion detection region as set by the user which then generates a notification/or not, depending on the users rules.
I believe that setting an activity zone could easily be added as a software upgrade in the Netgear cloud. Especially if the new Cloud software will have object recognition, it wouldn't be much to tell the software to only look for motion in a specified area.

I can see why they can't do this. This device is touted as "not requiring wires" i.e. battery powered. I've noticed that the battery lasts a very long time. This probably lasts so long because it's not constantly recording video. Without video you have nothing to analyze hence the inability to do this. That's probably exactly why they wen't with the IR for motion vs. video for motion.


Those batteries are expensive BTW.

Yes the camera is off usually and then turned on by the PIR and recording starts with video being sent to Netgear cloud servers. However I don't see why the activity zone detection can't be done in the cloud. If there is activity in the specified zone then an alert/email/text whatever you like can be triggered. If there is no activity in the specified zone then the recording can stop or be deleted.

+1 on this.  Would love to see this.  


Very much needed as my American flag keeps setting off my camera. 

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It would be nice to have multiple zones so I could set up outside cameras on a schedule and inside cameras on Geofence. 

I got a message about trialing this from the "Arlo A Team". Is this legit?
I hope so!