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Motion detection on only part of the view without sacrificing any of the screen

To explain this I am going to use a living room as an example.


The way it currently is set:


Put the camera in the corner of the room and catch the entire room - Fantastic!

Anyone walks into the view, it records - Fantastic!


Now say there is a glass on a table in the middle of the room. 

I can "crop" or "zoom in" on the table and the camera will shoot only that, so if someone touches the glass it records, but it only shows the table.


What I want: Show the entire room - BUT - only put the motion detection on the table, so the entire room is in the camera view but the recording only happens if someone is in the table view. This way I can see where the person went, who the person was, etc instead of potentially just the hand grabbing the glass.


How is this a "new idea"??
Super old security camera have activity zone options... Why not Arlo Go?

I'm wondering if it's battery related that it is absent. It'd be nice to be a feature when what's plugged in if possible.

PEOPLE....this is about as simple of a video system you can get.  Look at your DIDNOT pay $2500.00, not even $1500.00...


If you must have a camera that has all these Activity-Motion Sensing Windows-Boxes, let me suggest you buy an Axis product and have it setup and recording in 5 guys are hilarious!!!!


These Arlo systems do a phenomenal job for their PURPOSE....


Next complaint...?





Are you living in 1981 and still think a cellular phone cost $5000 dollar? You think what I ask for is unreasonable for the price? and need a Window computer to run it?????


Like I mention at the very first post, motion detection zone is ALREADY on Arlo Q, but not availabe on Arlo and Arlo Pro. Why the heck not? Arlo and Arlo Pro being battery powered, I don't want to record all activity all time and waste battery.


The Ring Camera is battey powered at $199, it has motion detection zone(s) and user can set the zone to polygon shape:


The whole point of Arlo system is not having to hardwire old school camera system like Axis.


My feedback here to improve this product not a complaint since multiple people here also find this feature useful.


Actually what you ask is pretty unreasonable as it is simply impossible to achieve locally (see my last paragraph) on a battery operated system. Systems that allow you to set detection zones require constant power as the motion detection uses the live camera feed and software to detect changes to the picture in the "zones".

The Arlo Q has a constant power supply hence it is able to do this in this exact way.


This simply cannot be achieved with a battery powered system where the IR PIR simply detects motion in front of the camera and then turns the camera on and starts to record. It is the price we have to pay for the flexibility of the Arlo.


You also mention the Ring, well that is the Ring PRO, this version is NOT battery powered, it is hard wired to your ~14v doorbell power supply. The normal battery powered Ring doorbell does NOT have Zone functionality. I know as I have both.


However, Netgear are apparently working on algorithms that may be able to 'prioritize' alerts/recordings based on analysis of the footage once the cameras are triggered and the footage hits the Netgear servers. It can then send the relevant push alerts to your devices. However the only issue with this would obviously be the time delay factor. This would work in a similar way to zones as the software on their servers would analyse the picture and if the movement was outside of your selected zone then it would not alert you and or even record the footage. However the camera would still have to be triggered with any motion in front of it for this to even happen. This is the ONLY way we will get anything similar to being able to set zones on any battery operated system.




I am afarid you do NOT know what you are talking about.


The Ring Door Bell camera can operate with or without the door bell power when there is no power it can be charged it like an Arlo Pro.


Ring Door Bell Pro, the smaller, slimmer one is the version require constant power, it does NOT have a rechargeable bettery.


Ring also offer a probatable battery powered "Stick Up Cam", and they all have the motion sensing zone(s).


Do not assume what your knowledge on how a camera works is exactly what Arlo is using in their software/hardware. Did you think rechargable Arlo is also impossilbe until they come up with Arlo Pro?


Don't get me wrong, It am not here to say Ring is better. I am just pointing out this feature exist on a protable camera. I perfer Arlo Camera system, it work better for my need. It would be prefect if the mtion detection zones is availabe on Arlo Pro.


If an Arlo Engineer(s) tell me there is no-way for this to be done, so be it.


But, until then, I don't see why anyone who has nothing to do with Arlo(Netgear) business, need to tell us what can or can't be done.


Oh dear chung30, there is really no need to be so rude is there!


Not sure where my previous replies have gone so here is a final attempt.


I know exactly what I am talking about as I have been in the industry for over 20 years!


I own both versions of the Ring doorbell and with the non Pro version you are not able to create zones, all you are able to do is to adjust the sensitivity of the PIR sensor and mask certain areas (this is not what zones are). Just watch the setup video for it, it is explained extremely well there. Whereas the Pro version allows you to configure separate areas which are constantly monitored for movement. This is only possible if the camera is on all the time, hence requiring a permanent power supply.


To do what you request requires the video feed to be constantly analysed and any motion detected in the configured zones then triggers the alert and or recording. It is impossible to achieve with a system with a passive IR sensor which can only detect heat/movement in front of it. Perhaps you have a different understanding of what zones are though, please take a look at the setup of zones on the Pro version, this is what zones are.


There is no assumption in knowledge here, to do what you ask in real time requires the camera to be on permanently and as we all know that is not the case as the batteries would be dead in a few hours and no, I knew very well that Netgear would bring out a camera with rechargeable batteries, it was inevitable but then I do work in the industry.


I also mentioned the workaround that Netgear are working on above which is similar to zones but will happen once the recording starts and the footage hits the servers. Do you not think that if zones were possible then they would have already delivered this with the cameras, not to mention that why would they be working on a different solution as described if it was possible. Saying that if you were to leave your Arlo Pro connected to a power supply then setting up of proper zones would be possible as the camera could constantly stream to the base station of course.


People on this public forum are only trying to help you understand the limitations of the hardware with regards to your request so there is really no need for you to be so aggressive towards their comments as you have been so far. Does not cost much to be a little polite now does it.


I don't know if you are trolling here or not. Just becasue I don't believe nor need your unsolicited advise that does't make me rude. Who is got time to read all this?


I was told by Arlo tech support to post my suggestion here. I am Not asking for help.


An Arlo Form moderator already mentioned the PIR sensor is alwasy on and senses the entire area, so if they limit the detection to a particular area, the battery will die in an hour? Really?


Again, my suggestion is to Arlo people, they may or may not be able to implement this. I'm OK with it. They know best.


The length of time spend in any industry does NOT = expertise.


If you know what Arlo is working on please do not disclose here on a open forum. There is a thing call confidentiality.


Others including myself have simply tried to give you a better understanding of the limitations of a battery powered system (even though the Arlo system itself outweighs this limitation ten fold) and what you were comparing it to was just not the same. Irrespective of whom it comes from it is still relevant information and we were simply trying to help you understand but you have just insulted everyone, their experience and knowledge. You mention the word 'believe' above, do you seriously think people/myself are lying to you or making things up, perhaps it is one huge conspiracy to feed you incorrect information 😕


Granted, you did not ask for help so I apologize for commenting but sometimes others want to help people understand things a little more, would it really hurt that much to absorb a little knowledge rather than not...


Finally, I am not disclosing anything, it is something I read somewhere either on here on elsewhere (on a public forum) and I certainly like others on here am not under any NDA, it is not a secret.. It was information which I hoped would give you some light that there may be an alternative solution to your request.


Feel free to comment again and drop a few more insults about my education/knowledge/experience I will not bite anymore.


Best of luck!


This would be a very useful feature.  Perhaps "unlocked" for those choosing to power their cameras with usb (outdoor USB charger option soon?).  Battery operated devices would have to fall back on some firmware engineering.

I love the arlo system so far.  It does NOT integrate yet with my Vera and perhaps never will.  I am ok with that.  

I did notice that the motion sensors are really not suited for my situation.  A mountain cabin, windy climate with lots of trees, needs a method to block out certain areas for motion detection.  Dialing down the camera to sensitivity level 5 still gives alerts.  I'll live with it for now but I am hoping for some firmware tweaking to set up zones in the field of view for motion detection.

First post 🙂