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More than one rule per camera per mode

I understand that currently I can only have one rule active in a mode that is triggered by the same camera's motion detector. If I activate a rule in a mode that is already triggered by motion in front of the same camera, the previously selected rule gets unselected in that mode.


However, I would like to have the ability to activate multiple rules in a mode that are triggered by the same camera's motion detector. In effect, this is equivalent to taking multiple actions inside a single IF-statement. So, in the UI this could either be set up by allowing multiple actions inside a triggered (motion) event, or by allowing multiple rules be set up with the same trigger condition and these rules be active concurrently in the same mode.


An example scenario for this is as follows: I set up a camera at the beginning of the walkway next to my house. A second camera is at the end of the walkway pointed towards the beginning of the walkway. If the first camera detects motion I want both the first and second cameras to start recording, in anticipation of the trespasser walking towards the back of my house passing the second camera. By the time he passes the second camera, it is already recording, i.e. the delayed recording of the first camera is alleviated by starting recording on the second camera, triggered by the motion detector of the first camera.


So JamesC with the new update those rules stated above were not working properly.  Are you saying that this has now been corrected?  If so, that's great and I will test again with mine.

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I tried this today and it doesn't seem to work (right).


So, I created two rules inside a new mode:


  1. If camera A detects motion, record video on camera A.
  2. If camera A detects motion, record video on camera B.

After triggering an extended motion event in front of camera A, I find three videos in my library all from camera B. No videos from camera A.


I logged off and relogged on, but the library is unchanged.


Then, I noticed that on the camera page, I have an updated screenshot of camera A, that is definitely from that motion event I triggered. So, it seems that camera A somehow did record something, there is just no evidence (video footage) of it in the library.


Any ideas what could be wrong? Do I have to restart the base station? I have FW Version 1.7.1_4638.


Update: Ok, I restarted the base station and went in front of camera A, this time in the dark, in order to get instant feedback to see if the IR LEDs would turn on, indicating that the respective camera is recording. They did on both cameras and I have now footage from both cameras in the library. And, guess what? I have three additional video clips from the original test from camera A, that I reported were missing before, now show up in the library too.


So, everything works as promised/expected. Wow, I'm impressed, that's a game changer and quite a leap in expanding the functionality of the system. Well done, Netgear. This is proof that they do listen to the users. Thanks for that.


I just created one mode with three rules named "Outside". Here are the parameters:


Record video on Front Door if Front Door detects motion
Record video on Garage if Garage detects motion
Record video on Back Yard Gate if Back Yard Gate detects motion


Activated rule and tested. Works.


 I would like to do the same can anyone send me pictures on how to setup the modes/rules

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Take a look at the instructions here: How do I create a mode with different rules for each Arlo Wire-Free or Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera?


After Step 6 is completed, you will be presented with an opportunity to select a different device to start recording. Select the desired device and continue with the rule creation flow.




This used to work for me the past 1.5 years or so then seemed to stop working following a recent update (not sure which one). Now the mode doesn't trigger any recording from any camera. When I delete the rule that triggers cam B from recording when cam A detects motion, it seems to work again. Hope this gets fixed pronto 

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Consider recreating your custom mode with new custom rules, do you still see the same beahvior?




Hey James yes that's exactly what I tried - create new rules that did the same thing, I also tried tweaking the sensitivity, etc. But once I put in a rule that says When motion is detected by cam A then record using cam B, the custom mode doesn't work at all

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Which Arlo system do you have and what model cameras are you using for these rules?