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More than one rule per camera per mode

I understand that currently I can only have one rule active in a mode that is triggered by the same camera's motion detector. If I activate a rule in a mode that is already triggered by motion in front of the same camera, the previously selected rule gets unselected in that mode.


However, I would like to have the ability to activate multiple rules in a mode that are triggered by the same camera's motion detector. In effect, this is equivalent to taking multiple actions inside a single IF-statement. So, in the UI this could either be set up by allowing multiple actions inside a triggered (motion) event, or by allowing multiple rules be set up with the same trigger condition and these rules be active concurrently in the same mode.


An example scenario for this is as follows: I set up a camera at the beginning of the walkway next to my house. A second camera is at the end of the walkway pointed towards the beginning of the walkway. If the first camera detects motion I want both the first and second cameras to start recording, in anticipation of the trespasser walking towards the back of my house passing the second camera. By the time he passes the second camera, it is already recording, i.e. the delayed recording of the first camera is alleviated by starting recording on the second camera, triggered by the motion detector of the first camera.


I have a camera on my front porch that triggers with motion on the porch. I'd like to also have a camera facing the street, but it would be recording constantly due to street traffic and I'd be changing batteries every week! If my front porch camera rule allowed me to start recording on the front porch AND the street view, I would be able to capture cars in front of the house when people approach the front porch, but rules currently only allow one camera to be triggered.


Hm, I just asked for exactly the same thing in the post immediately preceding yours:



We finally moved our carma from the front porch looking out to a place in front yard pointing back to the front door. We don't mind walking along the street sidewalk but wanted to just captured anyone walking up to the door. We would add another carma back on the poach looking out if it would work with the other motion sensor.


Unless I'm not understanding what you're asking for, this is already possible by simply creating multiple rules. I've been successfully doing this since the day I installed arlo with 3 cameras I have in front of my house. I just have multiple rules setup like:


If motion detected on Camera 01 record on Camera 01

If motion detected on Camera 01 record on Camera 02

If motion detected on Camera 01 record on Camera 03


If motion detected on Camera 02 record on Camera 01

If motion detected on Camera 02 record on Camera 02

If motion detected on Camera 02 record on Camera 03


If motion detected on Camera 03 record on Camera 01

If motion detected on Camera 03 record on Camera 02

If motion detected on Camera 03 record on Camera 03


Then under the All motion on mode just make sure you check the checkmark icon next to all of the rules to enable them (turn the checkmark) green. Or I missing something?




Thanks JayWB,


I was looking for the feature and did not realize the plus sign on the right of the rules menu would allow me to add more rules for the same cameras, I was expecting the feature on the screen for the camera sensitivity and recording duration, whereby each camera would have a number of rules, but the rules are individually stated and not grouped per camera, which is the way it should be.  I tried what you said and it worked well.


Best Regards,


Rodolfo La Maestra 


An example: I have two base stations in my property as they are necessary to cover it (by the way, why not just repaters?... now I have to pay for the Elite plan just for that...) but I cannot e.g. set a rule that if one camera detects movement, then ALL cameras in the account (on all bases) start recording. Currently, I can only set that if one camera detects movement, then other cameras connected to the same base station start recording... We really need that small change...


I dont see how to do this, is the feature still available?

yes it is...its just easier to accomplish on the web interface instead of the phone or tablet app...just easier to read and understand...under rules section and add in the upper right corner...good luck


Hi JayWB ,

I think what you describe above is "or" logic not "and" logic that we are looking for as a trigegr: "Camera 1 detects and Camera 2 detects in order for Camera 1 to record". 

Can someone from Netgear refer to this question?



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