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More than one rule per camera per mode

I understand that currently I can only have one rule active in a mode that is triggered by the same camera's motion detector. If I activate a rule in a mode that is already triggered by motion in front of the same camera, the previously selected rule gets unselected in that mode.


However, I would like to have the ability to activate multiple rules in a mode that are triggered by the same camera's motion detector. In effect, this is equivalent to taking multiple actions inside a single IF-statement. So, in the UI this could either be set up by allowing multiple actions inside a triggered (motion) event, or by allowing multiple rules be set up with the same trigger condition and these rules be active concurrently in the same mode.


An example scenario for this is as follows: I set up a camera at the beginning of the walkway next to my house. A second camera is at the end of the walkway pointed towards the beginning of the walkway. If the first camera detects motion I want both the first and second cameras to start recording, in anticipation of the trespasser walking towards the back of my house passing the second camera. By the time he passes the second camera, it is already recording, i.e. the delayed recording of the first camera is alleviated by starting recording on the second camera, triggered by the motion detector of the first camera.


In the app it says "H7" under device information for the individual cams. It is the regular battery-operated Arlo system (not Q or Go etc). The base station hardware reads "VMB3010r2" in the app though not sure if that's important. 


I have Front Door motion triggers Front door recording for 30s
Driveway motion triggers Driveway recording for 30s

Front door motion triggers Driveway recording for 45s

Driveway motion triggers Front Door recording for 45s

All rules are currently working and have worked for a long time. Maybe restart your base station and see if there's any improvement. Also check the firmware versions for everything


I restarted my base station and tried adding a second rule to the mode - interestingly, works just once, and then stopped working again. I had to remove the second rule to get the mode back running properly. I agree multiple rules used to run without problem but somehow it just stopped working of late. 


 Can I set my Arlo pro infrared lights to come on only at night and then only when motion in this is detected? 

Community Manager



IR LEDs will only activate in low light conditions. This will happen when live streaming or when a rule is triggered.