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More options....

Here's some improvements I would like to see. It would be great if you can add the date & time on each camera. At least have it as a option. It's also very important for evidence to show police. Also, please let us choose a longer record time of at least 5 minutes. I know it will kill the battery more but at least we can decide. The option to record "until activity stops" 300 seconds is a terrible option. It does not work well at all. It would be great to also see multi points on the activity zones, not just a square. I know because of delay it's hard but actual 2 way communication would be a bonus. When you talk to someone, they don't know to wait a few seconds to respond. You end up always hearing half of what they say. Keep our speaker side on some how. I love the Arlo camera's for what they do but with a few extra improvements they would be so amazing. Hope to see this in the near future. Thank you


I agree on all I also would like to see those improvements: )

Also I would love to be able to record 24/7 on stationary external hard drive.



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