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Allow Motion Recording Buffers at the end of a recording...

Arlo Team,


I notice this mainly on my ArloQ, but it may affect other cameras as well.  When my Q detects motion, for example, a person approaching my door, the video will stop when the person stops walking (say to knock on the door, or ring the bell).  The person may move again after that, but once the initial recording stops, it must upload the current file to the cloud for a few seconds and won't pick up the continued motion until it finishes the upload process and can reset itself.  That means I loss 10~20secs of activity at my property that I'd like recorded.  What I typically get is 2 videos of a person approaching, and then that person walking away, but not everything that occured while at the door which is a big drawback. 

Current options only allow you to (1) Record until motion stops, or (2) Record for a fixed lenth of time up to 300 seconds.  I'd like an option be added to (1a) Record until activity stops, and (1b) add 10, 20, or 30sec to see if motion resumes before uploading (as long as your total recording remains under the 300sec limit).  I don't want to use option (2) and have a bunch of 5 min videos for 45secs of activity, but just like the Arlo will buffer a few seconds "before" motions begins (when plugged in), I'd like the ability to have it keep recording (buffer) on the end to insure motion has completely stopped before the recording ends/and uploads begin.