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Automated message played through camera

I believe that if the Arlo Pro could playback a pre-recorded message at the time of motion detection, it would add another effective level of deterrent. 


I for one am not able to speak "live" through my phone for all occurrances of a motion detection (could be in a meeting, showering, sleeping, etc). If the message can be along the lines of..."Hi! This is an Arlo Security Camera!" it would not be inappropriate for a wanted visitor (eg delivery man) and at the same time give notice to any unwanted visitor of the presence of a security camera, which is not always seen. 


When I woke up this morning I saw a motion detection event had occured at 3AM. My phone was on silent because...well...sleep is pretty damn important to me. I saw on the video a young man in all black clothing with a flashlight looking through the windows of my car on the driveway. He probably didn't notice the camera above him. Luckily I had just cleaned out my car, so there was nothing for the man to take, but if he had heard an automated message from the camera, I imagine he would have fled immediately and not even look inside the car. 


Great idea!!! It will be even better if it allows some decent preset options focused incl stern ones about the police being notified. You could also allow custom messaging with personal or computer voice.

Excellent idea! Offer choice of pre-recorded warnings we can set to play when motion is detected! I guess you could let us record our own "greeting" lol -- but I'd prefer a tough sounding or robotic voice. "No trespassing. Police have been called." Maybe a less threatening "Residents only please" if you live on a multifamily, where you might pick up neighbors instead of a thief. 

I have a product suggestion after catching a prowler on my arlo camera at my house while I was away. If you allowed me to prerecord a message that would play through the arlo camera when motion is detected at prescribed hours, it may scare off would be robbers. For instance, I could record “I just called the sheriff” in my voice and have it actived by motion on a particular camera from 10pm to 5am. Also, allow a sequence of three or four so if they set it off a couple times in a time window so it’s not redundant. For example, second recording could be “”they will be here in less than two minutes” etc. Just a product thought.

I'd like to see an option to play a recorded message or pick at random from a list. Am I the only one who would love to have some Portal 2 turret voice lines play??


SKK Guide

Great idea.. Also, an extension of this would be to have an option on the iPhone notification just like when we get a call = "I'll be there in a min", "Please leave the items on the door", "Custom message". So I can select the message to play and it would play via the camera

Like the idea, but I would rather not attract attention to the actual camera, these things would be pretty easy to steal themselves. But if you could play the sound of a door opening or dog barking or something that might help

Great idea. I don't want to draw attention to the speaker, but Arlo you could have another product here. Wireless speaker..... to play a sound.  I would like an option from the App to play sound vs connect live and then try to speak after they've left. A button to play a recording or message would be faster to deploy and effective. 

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