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More Control Over Recordings: Fast Forward, Frame by Frame

I know this is primarily a residential system, but we use Arlo in our small business and sometimes I have to search through hours of clips to find the right moment. It would make it extremely beneficial to be able to set a play speed (2x, 4x, 8x) to be able to quickly scan through recordings, then go frame by frame to capture the exact moment I want.


Being able to capture a still frame is great and adding some editing afterwards would be nice, too. Timestamps and some basic highlighting/2D drawings all would be a fairly easy addition and helpful in the right circumstance.

Arlo Moderator

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!

This is something that shouldn't require any thought on the development team's part. We recently had an incident that our camera likely caught on camera, but there is no way to download a clip for the police to review. This is a tragedy for such an expensive product and a major loss that has turned me from a mega fan to a guy looking for a new solution. Fix this, and you'll get me back! I hope you do!
@thetaft3  wrote:

... but there is no way to download a clip ...

You can download clips stored in the library, so I am confused on what you are saying.

Yes, you can download clips from the library that are captured from an activity zone trigger, but we use CVR, and you CAN NOT download a clip from the CVR timeline (for example, I want to download a clip from 6:25am to 7:35am to send to the police). The event was not in our library. THIS is the issue. It can't be a bandwidth issue; I stream the playback, what's the difference that downloading it? A Fast Forward (2x/4x/6x) would be ideal as well, to find events not captured to the library. I'd settle for being able to download the video and parse on a secondary player at increased speed.

@AArnesen wrote:

but we use CVR, and you CAN NOT download a clip from the CVR timeline

Thanks, that is an important clarification.  I agree it should be possible to download a segment of video from the CVR timeline.


@AArnesen wrote:

A Fast Forward (2x/4x/6x) would be ideal as well, to find events not captured to the library

I agree here too.  One way to do this is to have the player just play the keyframes until you find the right point.  This would likely be a lot faster than 6x.

Need better fast forwarding or a choose of speed with playback

1. On the Arlo App for the CVR timeline recordings can you please add faster play speeds options, maybe x2, x 5 & x 10 play speeds and a skip to next motion detection on the timeline.


- If a skip to next motion detection feature could be added would great rather trying to line up with small green dots & dashes would SAVE TIME & FRUSTRATION!!!


- When viewing the timeline recording on a Laptop & Samsung Note 20 Ultra with quite a large screen it is still hard to narrow down a specific event amongst a heap of small green dots, if a sped up play option it would make it much easier to  find an "event" you may be looking for and also SAVES TIME!!!


2. For the non CVR recordings can you play the recordings back to back and an option to skip to next recording in time order.  And the added feature of speeding up play time will also SAVE TIME!!!!


- When navigating the recordings if you have 100+ recordings in one day after exiting a recording you then have to scroll back to find the next in the timeline of recordings often replaying the same recording by mistake.


I love the product but please add these basic playback features!!!



Fully support that more control shall be added! I noticed that many times the timeline clearly shows a person in the area, but the motion event is not triggered. It is a daunting experience trying to catch correct moment of time on the timeline both on mobile with a finger move and on the PC with the mouse. 


So Arlo need to add to Timeline:

1) Time controls to fast forward/rewind, +/- 15 sec, and other options stated above.

2) Time/date stamp on the footage


p.s. I used Chrome extension "Stream Recorder" to download the whole footage of 24 hours long or so which then can be seen in some video editor. Missing time stamps make it difficult to identify the time though. A possible solution could be to place an electronic watch with large digits someplace so that Arlo captures it live.


p.p.s. Also, it's possible to download video TS files with one-minute duration as you see them on the screen. Use Developer Tools in Chrome -> "Network" tab -> "Filter" on "ts" -> right click on file and "Open in new tab"