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Manual Firmware Update and/or notification of firmware with rollback

It would be nice to have the ability to upgrade firmware manually, as opposed to automatically. This used to be an option, but it was removed and set to automatic upgrades only. The firmware lately has caused many problems, including random cameras going offline and randomly not recording at all.  Being on stable firmware and not upgrading is more preferable to me and probably to others.


Notifications for device issues - it would be nice to have notifications, either push or email/text, when the system doesn't appear to be working correctly, or cameras are offline. In the last several weeks, my system has randomly stopped recording and if I didn't login to the app to take a look, I wouldn't have known there was an issue.


Completely agree that providing user control over upgrades is essential and regrettably I will be looking for an alternative that fits this fundamental requirement for a remote monitoring system. Expected much better.


Forcibly pushing out updates that breaks a security system is a horrible idea. Uptime and stability is the most important feature of a security system and you are breaking that with this policy. You need to turn off the auto updater.


This by itself is enough for me to warn everyone around me not to buy any Arlo products.

I would like the ability to schedule updating firmware. Right now, as soon as new firmware is released, the camera cannot be used at all until the firmware update is done (the camera is blocked and no images can he seen).

This can happen, and has happened, at a time when camera usage is required, or late at night. Users should not be prevented from using a security device in such a manner.

Users should be able to postpone an immediate update and still be able to use such an important security device, and schedule the actual firmware update at a later time when it is acceptable to have it not in use for the 5 minutes or more required to complete the update.