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Manual Firmware Update and/or notification of firmware with rollback

It would be nice to have the ability to upgrade firmware manually, as opposed to automatically. This used to be an option, but it was removed and set to automatic upgrades only. The firmware lately has caused many problems, including random cameras going offline and randomly not recording at all.  Being on stable firmware and not upgrading is more preferable to me and probably to others.


Notifications for device issues - it would be nice to have notifications, either push or email/text, when the system doesn't appear to be working correctly, or cameras are offline. In the last several weeks, my system has randomly stopped recording and if I didn't login to the app to take a look, I wouldn't have known there was an issue.


I completely agree! 

@dsiu2902 wrote:

Adding an option for us to choose firmware updates.


We need this option, because all of us are having a horrible experience with your unexpected firmware updates.
The only thing your unexpected updates continue to do is lowering our resolution to unacceptable standards and shutting down our system for a least a few weeks without security.




I suggested this back in 2016 after an Arlo “pushed” firmware update knocked half of my 10 cameras off-line while I was on the first day of a 10 day trip, 4,000 miles from home and using the cameras to monitor the construction of my new home.  When I contacted Customer Service and described my exact situation, I was told to bring my cameras to within 3-5 feet of the base station and re-sync them.  Really?  Can you read?  I am 4,000 miles away from my cameras!


Now with three additional years of experience with the Arlo system, I still feel customer approval for updates is essential, but I believe the approval would need to encompass the entire portfolio of system components and may be difficult to implement with shared components like the web user interface and cloud servers.  I am sure Arlo has to coordinate camera firmware, base station firmware (for wireless cameras), application updates, web site updates and updates to their cloud server software (which we never see directly) to ensure all the parts of the system work well together.  Clearly the compatibility matrix could be complicated...which versions of each critical component of the system work with what versions of the other components.  As a developer, this would be a royal pain to manage.  So making this happen would be a huge undertaking and would require a significant change in how components are designed and updated.  Each shared component (cloud/web) would need to work with multiple versions of the local components (Camera, Base Station, App).  Perhaps this is already true.  It is no wonder comprehensive testing is such a large issue.


I would at least like to see Arlo provide a good log of update history for each component.  We should be able to see when the current and past several versions of software and firmware were installed.  This should be in a log that is accessible to us through settings.  It should include the version number, date and time for each update (including roll-backs) that has been installed for at leastcurrent and the past three versions.  We should also be able to click on the version and see notes regarding what the update (or roll-back) was meant to address.


I submit this a separate, but related request/idea.

Another vote. Having the service unexpectedly blocked by a forced firmware update without warning is a really innane policy for a remote security-focused system. You should at least have emailed users ahead of time that an update was forthcoming.

I just want to say "thank you" to all the people who supported my idea for a firmware upgrade option. It seems to me that there is only a few people who really wants this option. For the rest of the people, they don't want to do anything else except to comment "me too" and "same here" whenever a firmware upgrade that attacks their system.


I understand that everyone has other things to do with no free time left to talk about nonsense. I also have a lot of things to do beside this too.


Therefore, I will no longer pursue anymore for pushing this "firmware upgrade option". Since there is not enough people supporting this idea, Arlo will just continue to ignore our concerns and continue making their profits from us. After all, they can just give another firmware upgrade attack in a few months again and we will end up here with the same problem again...


If we are really lucky this time, we may even get a new firmware upgrade to strike us in just a few weeks.


I wish everyone the best. Good luck with your Arlo... 


I agree 100%. They should have a beta tester program along with the firmware upgrade option. That way those that choose to have joy with the firmware updates can and maybe help fix the bugs before the general population gets to play.


I support this 100%.

Absolutely. A cloud-based provider that doesn't communicate to its customers changes in systems and/or when updates are being planned, doesn't allow a customer to control those updates and timing, and does everything under a veil of secrecy is a horrible, horrible cloud-based provider.

I have 4 Arlo cameras that are 4 years old and a new base and Arlo Pro 2 Camera.  I have little issues with the ARLO app software on my PC and my Android phone.  What I have several issues with is the IOS on my ipads.  They are older ipads and will not update to the newer ios systems.  Your older versions of the ArLO app worked fine.  Now, since the last two updates, one of my ipads has lower resolutions on record and also does not record in live mode.  When you press live mode, it shows the last still of the library.  Why do you update software that is not compatible with IOS 10?  I cannot update any higher and now the software is useless.  I have removed all the devices including the base and to no avail.  If you insist on updating to fix bugs, consider that some of us are fine with the older versions.  Please allow a way to reverse or upload older versions.  I keep my ipad on my counter in my kitchen.  It is perfect size for monitoring.  Your software does not allow me to use it.  Please consider all those other than those who have newer equipment.


I agree.  I have an IPAD that I use in my kitchen which is the perfect size monitor.  It is older so the IOS only goes up to 10.  Arlo's updates knocked out live view and resolution quality on normal record.  I cannot reverse to an older "working" version so the ipad is virtually useless.