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Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA

I use 3 devices to access my Arlo cams. My phone, my tablet and my PC. It isn't possible to add my PC to known devices for the 2 step verification process. Every time I try to access my cams via my PC, I have to get the code from my phone and enter it in my PC. Would be much easier for PC users to have the capability to list the PC as a known device. 


I am absolutely shocked that the only solution since we can't make a PC a "trusted device" is to turn off 2FA. 

Why not just post your UID and PW on the web so the entire world can peer into my house???

this is incredibly lame. i kick myself for having spent over $1000 on this absolute garbage.


bensenise. I agree completely. We spent $1,500 for a system that you have to run for your phone every time you want to check your cameras. We use them for monitoring livestock 20 miles from us. Half the time it doesn't accept the verification # and the other half of the time it doesn't even send it. My husband is livid. They need to allow you to make your pc or whatever a trusted device, like banks, etc do. If it's good enough for them it's good enough for Arlo! Meanwhile we are looking for another brand that is smart enough to do this. 

@bdfarm  wrote:

They need to allow you to make your pc or whatever a trusted device, like banks, etc do.

They anounced about a week ago that they are holding off on mandating 2FA until they support PCs as a trusted device.  You can simply disable 2FA until they roll that out. 


I know the 2 factor authorization is a pain for a PC user when it is turned on as the system is currently designed.  It appears that Arlo has finally decided that 2 factor authorization must be a one time event for PCs before they can force 2 factor authorization on everyone. Arlo has recently made it possible to turn 2-factor ON/OFF like it was before until they correct the PC issue. For those that were happy with 2-factor ON as designed can keep it on.

Seems that a lot of people were too busy to have noticed this:


Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA - Page 42 - Arlo Community


So here's e a reminder.


I want to recognize that the recommendation now buried in this thread around Bluestacks works great.  Even with 2FA turned off again, it allows me to keep up the cameras on my PC without the quick log off and for some reason, I can get the cameras to sync up video quicker using Bluestacks than it will on the browser (at least the few times I have brought it up).


I don't like linking it through some other software, but its working great and no side effects on my PC.  Thanks to those that made the recommendation!


just another comment; why can we not be logged in from two devices at once, e.g. my PC and my phone?


and i'd really like to know why it takes over a minute to get my camera feed on my android app? the person who rang my doorbell is long gone by then.




The extra verification by phone or text when signing in to trusted desktop is annoying.  Please enable desktop to be a designated trusted


@ebby- wrote:

... Please enable desktop to be a designated trusted

They've already announced they are doing this, and you can disable 2FA until they do.


So I wanted to look at one of my recorded videos on my desktop (instead of my phone).


I load and enter my email and password. I get told to look for a "One time verification code" in my email. I do, I enter the code. I muck around with the video. Close the tab.


Realize I want to do something else. Open the Arlo page. Asks for my password again. Then tells me to enter the new authentication code (sends me another email).


There is no option to say "Trust this device". So I am wondering, is this the way it is? EVERY time I access Arlo from my desktop I have to go through all that again? Can't Arlo's programmers manage to leave a cookie indicating this is a trusted device?


In case you want to ask, no, I am not blocking cookies on this computer. No blockers of any kind.


Thanks for any help?