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Integration with various smart home hubs

The whole idea of the smart home is to make it easy. I have my lights, thermostat and door locks all controlled/viewed from one app. I use the Wink system, which I've been very happy with. Currently it only supports the dropcam or nest camera. Arlo has so many opportunities you are missing by adding the additional partnerships or integrations suggested. You could be the #1 system if you added some of the more popular suggestions.
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Does Arlo integrate with the Samsung Smart Hub?  I currently have the Samsung Smart Hub and was gifted the Arlo system.  From what I have found, it does not integrate.  Therefore, I am thinking about returning the Arlo system for the Samsung cameras instead.  Thoughts?




Please Please, give us a REST!  Or even SOAP.  I don't care how, just let have access.  I wan't to so badly create a Wear app that I can use to Arm my system so that I don't have to fumble around through my phone as I'm fumpling keys and whatever else I'm carrying as I head out my door.

It would be great if Arlo became Zwave plus compatible.  It would be a great feature for all of us who are trying to reign in all the early smart home devices by controlling them using Vera, Smartthings, etc.


I'm astonished that a product is introduced without any integration capabilities and features.


Would be great to have ZWave + and/or Zigbee compatibility.  I'm all in with a Zipato controller, but  I need a full wireless security system (old house, flat roof, no attic space to run new wires). I can hold out for a while, but seriously - why is this a closed system? 


I agree Arlo and wink should integrate soon.


I also would like to see Arlo integrate with Wink.

Please integrate Wink and SmartThings, both are very popular z-wave controller Hubs. I use Wink so integrate that first... 😀