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Improve Always Listening Features - Arlo Baby



Always Listening is key and uniique feature for the Arlo baby but there is a HUGE draw back in the current implemenation. It only support ONE Arlo Baby camera at the lock screen. 


A lot of families have MORE than one kid to monitor at night, please enable TWO Arlo Baby cameras support at the lock screen for Always Listening feature (you will able to sell more Arlo baby cameras too).  A $50 old fashion baby camera can support that (by rotating the sound from the 2 cameras ). This is really a basic and MUST have function for a baby camera (especially the 'smart' ones). 








Fully agree with this. Just recently purchased the Arlo Baby, and am annoyed to discover that the Always Listening feature does not support two cameras simultaneously. This is a must have.


Agreed.  Bought this hoping it would be a good option as a baby camera.  Between the video delays and the limited functionality for Always Listening... This has been a bummer.



Allowing for more than one audio source in the "Always Listening" mode would be great.


This must be done or the product needs to come with a disclaimer that it will not allow this option.


Agreed!  These cameras will be returned if I can’t hear both of my cameras!


We are looking into a second camera for our next child and sadly see that the Always Listening feature doesn’t work on at least iOS for listening to both feeds simultaneously. I saw the original complaint about this and followed it here hoping there might be an update on this. Is there? 

Hoping there is an update so we can buy one for our second child or it could be done in the next few months. Could you let me know? 


Unfortunately can't comment on iOS; however, always listening does work for 2 cameras now on Android. It's a small improvement when compared not the whole host of other issues these cameras seem to have on a regular basis. Connectivity issues are at the forefront