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Hide disabled devices rather than delete them

I have extra Arlo devices (mostly cameras) that I use indoors only when I am away from the hours for vacation.  So, most of the time, these devices are off, battery/power cable removed. Instead of these rarely used devices taking up room on the dashboard, it would be nice to  be able to mark these devices as hidden and then have a toggle in the dashboard to hide or show hidden devices. Sure, I could just deleted them, but that means I have to recreate them, re-share them, recreate their automations in Arlo and revamp any 3rd party integrations (such as Home Assistant) each time I go on vacation.  


Does this already exist? If not, it'd like to request this as a feature.




I don't believe there is way to do this.

What you could do though is go into settings and change the device order moving the inactive ones to he bottom of the list so that they don't clutter the ones in use.