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Feature Request - Group videos & include trigger alert

Today I have an alert configured that if any motion is detected on one camera (Front Porch, or Driveway), that it will then trigger video on both of my external cameras, that way I get overlapping footage from two different angles. But it would be very handy to have those videos grouped together so when I'm looking through the timeline, to see recordings based on the single event, not grouped by individual recordings. Would also be handy to have a label or status somewhere saying "recording triggered by rule " so I know what triggered it. Especially when I'm trying to troubleshoot and tweak the motion settings to figure out the right level.

This takes what I said to the correct explanation, I really hope the team does this ASAP because it would be so helpful. 


Thanks @Cwmmmm - didn't realize I'd posted it in the wrong place. 


For some reason formatting is messed up too, I'll fix that now...


Edit: nvm, you can't..