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Pop up for iOS "Please choose Photo read and write access to download a video to Photos"

It appears that the Arlo system, at least on an iPhone, defaults to "no picture access". I thought I downloaded a attempted burgulary of my car to send to the police, but my video was never downloaded. When asked by chat support how my settings were configured I realized that Arlo didn't have Photo Access and in order to download a video "read and write" needed to be slected.


To avoid future errors on the user end, maybe Photo access should be the default and the consumer can choose not to allow read and write. OR, if read and write isn't chosen as a the Photo option, maybe there should be a pop-up message when you try to download that says "Please choose Photo read and write access to download a video to Photos, reset the Photo access option to read and write and try the download again." 


Arlo DOES NOT let you know if the download is successful or not, so additionally there should also be some type of conformation that the download was successfu as welll.


Appears to be a big OVESIGHT for a "video security" system. Otherwise I love my Arlo and have recommended it to countless others and will make them aware of what happened to me regarding this very important "non saved video".