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Arlo Baby - Temperature and Humidity (Environmental Sensors) Notifications

Currently through the Mode you can only separately control Email and Push Notifications for Audio and Motion detection. Temperature and Humidity are not in this section but instead are under "Device Settings - Sensors" where individually under Temperature and Humidity you can toggle "Notifications" on and off, but that controls both Push and Email notifications where you can't separately control them. I find Push notifications to be useful, but email notifications are not and I would like to disable that. Otherwise, if I had the ability to control email preferences for the types of emails/email notifications I'd like to receive that would work too.

Also, the Model option when submtting a New Idea does not include the Baby model.

This issue has been discussed for almost a year here:


I'd like to request the ability to separate Email and Push notifications for Temperature, Humdity and Air Quality on the Arlo Baby. You can already do this for Motion and Audio notifications.


Context is I do not wish to receive Email notifications (as there are too many and fill up my inbox) however I do wish to retain the Push notification on my phone.

is it possible to turn off email while keeping the push notification for air sensor events? I can either switch on/off for both notification

This is regarding the Arlo Baby ABC1000.  This model has sensors for air quality, temperature and humidity.  You have the option to enable/disable notifications but you cannot differentiate between push and email.  If you enable notifications you get both push and email and if you disable them you get neither push nor email.  The app designers obviously understand the desire to be able to differentiate as you can do this for audio and motion detection alerts.  As it stands, since I want to get any notifications I get duplicate notifications on push and email for every enviroment quality type alert.  I could set up an email filter and just delete the email alerts but I'd be afraid of missing out on an email that is actually important like a recal notice or something.

Why is it that I get an email every time humidity, temperature, or the battery is low? There is no way to turn off email notifications while leaving push notifications on for these features, very frustrating

you can edit these in two places with the Baby...

1) the MODE you arm with... can toggle off emails or pushes or both

2) the temp/hum/air sensor EDIT to send out alerts or not


Yes you can turn off notifications completely or have them on completely, you can’t however only recieve push notifications and turn emails off, which is frustrating because id like to know if my a/c stops working and it gets too hot in the room without recieving 30 emails a day about humidity and temperature changes, push notifications are good enough


Have you checked and confirmed the Emails are toggled OFF in the mode...

Edit same to change.   If they are off/on , toggle the opposite and then save a few times leaving off at end.


I don't ever get emails for anything...


PS you can also adjust the range of allowable scale before alerts are sent which may help a bit.


Yes i turned it off, and am on monitoring off mode, but still get the emails. I spoke to customer support, they said theres no way to only to only recieve push notifications. They told me to start a new topic in chat so maybe they will release in a future update, very frustrating until then