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Extend Range of Cameras (via repeaters)

So far, I love Arlo.  I live in the forest and have a lot of land and distance is what is limiting from creating a security system with Arlo like I truly desire.  If Arlo had a camera/base-station repeater(s) that would extend the range of the cameras and basestation, I feel like it would open up a lot more possibilities.  This would allow you in theory to have many different line of site repeaters between the camera and the base station which would allow you to have cameras over much larger distances.  This would be awesome and really really hope that something like this comes out for Arlo.




Arlo's new Essentials camera, and the Floodlight Pro 3, do not need a hub. They can connect to a wifi access point. They can also work alongside other cameras, including "hubbed" devices, when it comes to triggering cross actions. But without a hub you do not have local recordings, just cloud storage.


Yeah I just saw that which is great, but when you have the cameras integrated into Homekit, the Wi-Fi cameras like those do not integrate unless they are connected to a hub. It’s like a catch 22. I think both of those have to be hub connected to work with homekit. NOW, if that’s not the case and I connect directly to Wi-Fi and still use them in homekit I’m buying the floodlight camera TODAY! Does anybody know if that’s the case?